Brake for the Cure

   I was fortunate enough to be part of “The Brake for the Cure” event this week at Teton Cancer Institute. This is a fantastic community event put on by Mountain View Hospital and Teton Cancer Institute. I want to thank Lisa Anderson and Brian Ziel for inviting me.

   The Brake for the Cure is designed to bring awareness and education to breast cancer and prevention. The goal is to educate women and men how screening and early detection can significantly help in the fight against breast cancer. This event has grown immensely each year, but there are still challenges ahead. I encourage everyone to educate themselves on this issue.

   My experience started on Tuesday when I was invited to come in and put some flyers for the Foundation in the bags they were handing out. When I arrived, I will admit I wasn’t sure what to expect. I walked into the back, and there were 1,000 pink bags lined up on both side of the floor along the hallway and on tables in the back. There was a large group of people already putting items into the bags, so I decided to start with the bags on the tables. I was amazed at how efficiently everything was going. I enjoyed helping with the bags, but the best part was witnessing how many companies were there to help support this worthy cause. It is another example of how great our community is, and how grateful I am to live here.

   When I arrived on Wednesday morning, there was already a line of cars going through to pick up their bags. The parking lot was full of vans from the radio stations telling people about the event and inviting them to come to Teton Cancer Institute. I wasn’t sure where exactly I needed to be, so I started looking for Lisa. I headed toward 17th street, when I noticed Lisa was walking toward me. “There you are,” she said as we met. “I’ve got some people you need to meet,” she continued. “This is a great turnout!” I told her as we walked toward 17th street. I soon found out the people she wanted me to meet were some DJ’s from the radio stations. They wanted me to do a live radio spot and talk about the Foundation. I was a little nervous, but excited to be able to let more people know about the Foundation and the work we are doing.

   The best part of the whole event was watching our community come together in such a worthy cause. The feeling of compassion and caring was simply overwhelming. I am so glad I was able to be a small part of it. I want to thank Lisa and Brian again for always working with me and keeping me included on these fantastic opportunities. They’re like the cool kids at school that let me eat lunch with them.

   It was a great opportunity to keep my Angel Shannon’s memory alive. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: The SWF Day Off

P.S. Yes, I’m still aware I have a face for radio.