Say Boo to Cancer

   This is another wonderful event put on by Teton Cancer Institute and Mountain View Hospital. It is a Trunk or Treat event held in the Teton Cancer Institute parking lot. Last year I went as my always popular, easy and simple character. If you guessed a Cowboy, you win! I’m not sure what you win, but you win just the same. This year I decided to change things up a little and went as a different character. Can you guess what my costume was? Here’s a little hint. “The Crusade Against Cancer” That’s right, I went as Star Lord!

   The event started at 2:00pm and by 1:45, there were already a lot of families lined up. One of the best things Shannon and I always loved about Halloween is getting the chance to see the cute little kids in their costumes. As the kids came through, it was fun to see all the different characters. I think my favorite was a little boy dressed up as a trash collector. He had on a PSI uniform and was pushing a trash can. He would open the lid to the trash can and you just put your candy in. It was very clever and creative. I had one kid ask me “Who are you supposed to be?” In my best Chris Pratt voice, I quoted a line from the movie. “I’m Star Lord man!” By the look on his face I realized “If he doesn’t get the costume, the movie reference is going right over his head like a low flying jet.”

   The best part of this event was seeing how much fun the families were having together. I thought back about all the times we took Justin and Ryan Trick or Treating. I thought about the times Shannon and I took Cassidy to Boo at the Zoo. It was so moving to see all those families making such great memories. These times are priceless and something they will always have with them.

   This event is just another example of how much Teton Cancer Institute and Mountain View Hospital do for our community. It’s another example of the hard work Lisa and Brian do to make a difference in so many people’s lives. I am grateful for all their support and honored to call them my friends. I know my Angel Shannon enjoyed this event also. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

   I hope you all had a Happy Halloween and made some terrific memories with your family.

Next week: A new donation from a new company

P.S. I decided instead of Star Lord, I should be his brother Good Lord. Mainly because most of the time I do something someone usually says, “Oh Good Lord!” But not in a good way.