Indian Motorcycle Fundraiser

   This story never would have happened without Lisa Anderson and her total support. I want to thank her again for everything she has done to help me promote the Foundation.

   I wrote about this opportunity back in September. Do you remember the name of the story? Do you remember how it started? Did you know there was going to be a pop quiz today? Well, last Saturday they had the drawing for the motorcycle and they invited me down to the event. Greg said he wanted me to say a few words about the Foundation and how the money would be used. I told him I would be honored and thanked him for letting me be part of it.

   When I arrived at the dealership, there was already a large group of people. I said hello to the people I knew from the dealership as I went back to find Greg and Tish. I was really excited to be included with this event. Greg got the event started by talking about the fundraiser and how much he appreciated all the hard work the riders group put in to selling raffle tickets. Then Greg told everyone they chose the Shannon Wilker Foundation as the charity they wanted to donate the funds to and invited me to say a few words. I was a little nervous, but more excited to tell people about the purpose of the Foundation and what the funds are used for. I went back where I was standing when Nikki Bean came up and gave me a big hug. I have known Nikki and her husband James for many years. Not only are they smart enough to drive John Deere tractors, they have been really good friends over the years.

   I walked back with her where James was standing, so we could all catch up. As we were talking, Greg was drawing tickets for the smaller raffle prizes. James made the comment, “Man, we’re not winning anything.” “Don’t worry, you guys are going to win the motorcycle!” I told him. We both laughed. Greg had finished with the smaller raffle prizes, and it was time to draw for the motorcycle. Greg had a young girl come up and draw the winning ticket. “The winner is Hunter Bean!” Greg announced. Yes, that’s James and Nikki’s son. They put his name on one of their tickets. We were all caught off guard, but I recovered quickly enough to say, “See, I told you!”

   It was a really great day. It was so nice for the dealership to pick my Foundation, and it was great making new friends and catching up with old ones. I left feeling very blessed and honored.

   Yesterday I went for the official presentation of the check. I am happy to announce that Eagle Rock Indian Motorcycle donated a check for $4,662 to the Foundation. We will use these funds to provide Christmas dinners and debit cards to cancer patients and their families. I am very appreciative for this donation and I know my Angel Shannon is grateful as well. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Happy Thanksgiving

P.S. If you failed the pop quiz don’t worry. You can turn in something for extra credit. I’m thinking something like a Baskin-Robbins gift card would work.