Dealer Conventions 2018

This week’s story is about the three different equipment dealer association conventions I attended this fall. I want to tell you about some of the great people I met and the new connections I made.
The first was the North Dakota Implement Dealers Association convention in Bismarck, North Dakota. I was planning to meet with B.J. Knutson from Titan Machinery. I first meet B.J. two years ago when I inadvertently crashed a Case Company dinner reserved for their dealer organizations. I also wanted to meet with Megan Birner from NDIDA to discuss a partnership with the association. The first morning at registration, I met with Megan and the rest of the NDIDA staff. They were all very friendly and helpful. Megan and I set up a time for me to show her my training. A little later, I noticed B.J. sitting at a table with some other Titan Machinery employees. I walked over and said, “Does it count as crashing a party if I warn you in advance?” B.J. laughed and introduced me to Mike Weisenberger who is in charge of training. Mike and I had a good talk, and I will be conducting a webinar with him in a few weeks. I also met with Matthew Larsgaard, who is the CEO of NDIDA. It was a very productive convention.
The next was Far West Equipment Dealers Association convention in Palm Springs. And yes, there’s a little temperature adjustment from Bismarck to Palm Springs. I met with two very influential gentleman that I’m proud to call my friends. First, I ran into Kim Rominger who is the CEO for the Equipment Dealers Association. He has been instrumental in helping me connect with the regional associations about a partnership. I also found out the gentleman that was conducting the entire convention was Pat McGaughey. I met Pat a couple of years ago, and we became fast friends. He is an excellent motivational speaker and did a great job. I also caught up with Keith Greenwood. Keith is the COO of Stotz Equipment, and we have been discussing training for a little while. Keith introduced me to Kim Kistler who is in charge of training and we are going to meet in January so I can show him my training program. It was another successful convention.
The last was the Minnesota/South Dakota Equipment Dealer Association convention in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was another successful convention for my training, but the best part was one of the speakers. John Chapin was talking about how to overcome adversity and how it can help you become stronger. He told us about how he lost his Mom to Alzheimer’s in the spring and how hard that was. “You have to find the why in your life,” he said. After his speech, I went up to him to thank him and tell him he did a great job. Then I pulled out a business card for the Foundation and told him “This is my why.” I explained my why is every day to be the kind of man she can be proud of. We had a great conversation and it felt like I have known him for years. I gave him an autographed copy of my book, and later that day when we came out of a meeting, I noticed John sitting in a chair reading my book. “I just finished the “Mashed Potatoes story,” he said with a laugh. We became friends on Facebook, and agreed to stay in touch. The next day on my way home, John had sent a $50 donation to the Foundation. These are the things that make me feel grateful and humble. I know it made my Angel Shannon grateful as well. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: The SWF Night Out 2018

P.S. The coldest weather in Idaho Falls occurred the night I returned. You’re right, it is a conspiracy!