Welcome 2019!

   I have officially gained more wisdom. I have made it through another 365 days which consequently has made me older and wiser. Now I’m aware most of you will say “Well, you’re definitely older!” I will have you know I have gained so much wisdom I am constantly told to quit being such as “Wise Guy!” So there!

   In the past, I have listed my top 5 resolutions for the New Year. This year, I would like to reflect on the some of my favorite events of 2018 and reveal my only goal for 2019.

1. Crusade Against Cancer
This was my first actual fundraising event. I was told the first time for one of these events that 50 – 75 participants would be a good turnout. We had 177 participants and raised $2500. I plan to make this an annual event and I’m looking forward to a much bigger turnout this year.

2. Bikers for Boobs Motorcycle Rally
I need to thank Jeremy and Chelsea Jensen for helping put this together. We only used social media to advertise and had a really good turnout for the first year. We raised $1,000 which went to two Pocatello area cancer patients. This will also be an annual event.

3. Wild Adventure Corn Maze
A great big thank you to Richard and Kris Johnson for dedicating this years theme to the Foundation and cancer research. I am grateful I was able to have a booth out there and for the financial donation they made to the Foundation. The money was used to purchase gas cards.

4. Shannon Wilker Foundation Day Off
I need to thank Tony and Gary Eckman, Kristi, Cassidy and Morgan for all their help making this a big success. This will be the first of many Day Off events.

5. Sometimes I Sew Donation
I want to thank all the ladies for their hard work and donation. The money was used to purchase gift cards and Thanksgiving dinners.

6. Eagle Rock Indian Motorcycle Fundraiser
A big thank you to Todd & Tish Williams, Greg Morgan, and everyone at the dealership for the great donation they made. The money was used to do an Adopt a Family for several families for Christmas, and for debit cards.

7. Shannon Wilker Night Out
I want to thank all the businesses and individuals that made this such a great success. This was our second year, and I was pleased we had enough people to make it a two night event. This is definitely going to be an annual event.

   All of these events are examples how generous and compassionate our community is. It also helps remind me just how blessed I am for all the support I receive from my family and friends.

   My single goal for 2019 is to continue to reach out to help as many people I can and to always make sure I recognize the success of the Foundation would not be possible without the enormous amount of help and support I receive from everyone. Thank you all so much for everything you have done. It would not be possible without the strength and guidance of my Angel Shannon. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Chamber of Commerce

P.S. My attitude about age can be summed up with a t-shirt Shannon bought for me. “I may be old, but I refuse to grow up.”