January Bridal Fair 2019

   The Bridal Fair last weekend was a big success for the Foundation. I reconnected with some old friends, and made some new ones. These events always seem to get better each time.

   Before I start with everything that was great about this event, I need to tell you about the one little thing that was a nuisance. There was a wedding planning company in the booth directly behind me. They had a television screen with a montage of pictures, and a 30 second music clip that played over and over. So, on the first day I got to listen to that thirty second music clip non-stop for 4 hours straight. I’m positive the military could use this to get captured ISIS prisoners to talk. So, the next day I brought my laptop so I could combat the music with my own mix on YouTube. I made sure to keep the sound loud enough to block out the torture music, but low enough so I didn’t have to explain what 80’s rock and Classic Country have to do with the raising funds for the Foundation.

   I am always happy to attend these events so I can talk with the vendors I have already met. Everyone is so  friendly and supportive. I enjoy catching up and finding out about all the different experiences they have had since the last event.

   This year, there were some new vendors set up by my booth. It’s always great to meet them and find out more about their businesses. I met two very friendly ladies from the United Trinity Church that had a booth right by the side of mine. They were so polite and friendly. One of the best things that happened with two of the vendors set up straight across from me was when they came up, pointed at the poster and said “I knew her. One was a gentleman that had went to school with Shannon and the other was a very nice lady from Dillard’s that remembered her from when Shannon worked in the mall. It gives me a feeling of warmth and pride to hear them say how sweet and kind she was.

   But the absolute best thing that happened was when one of the brides came up and bought a bracelet. “We want to help anything that deals breast cancer awareness,” she said. “My Mother-In-Law has breast cancer, and a couple of months ago got to go out on a very special evening someone put together. They furnished her a really nice dress and took them out to dinner,” she continued. “Did she get picked up in a limo?” I asked. “Yes, I think she did,” she replied. “I’m pretty sure that was the Shannon Wilker Foundation Night Out event,” I told her. I brought up the group pictures on my phone to show her. She looked at the group for Wednesday and exclaimed, “That’s her!” Then she told me what a fantastic time her Mother-In-Law said she had and how she was so grateful and happy. I can’t describe how fulfilling and rewarding that was.

   These are just a few of the rewards the Foundation allows me to have. These are the moments that money cannot purchase. I know they put a smile on my Angel Shannon’s face. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: A special limo ride

P.S. At the last Bridal Fair, my booth was right by the food. I’m sure it’s a mere coincidence that this time I was in the completely opposite corner.