The Arizona Trip

   I will start this week’s story by telling you what happened at the Phoenix airport. I was in the security line waiting to go through the screening process when an alarm went off. At  that moment,  a man in the line in front of me turned around and started running past us. The TSA agents quickly responded and surrounded the man. When he tried to break through them, one of the agents used their taser to stop him. At that point, four of them wrestled him to the ground and quickly put him in restraints. Okay, that really didn’t happen, but I was told my story last week was boring. So, I thought I should get your attention.

   Now, where was I? Oh yeah, my trip to Arizona. At the Far West convention in December, I arranged a meeting with an equipment dealership in Phoenix to discuss my training program. I planned to meet with them, and try to contact a few other dealerships while I was there.

   I had all the information for the Ag dealerships I wanted to talk to. I decided to check for other dealerships I could contact. I found the information for a construction organization that has several dealerships in Arizona and California. Their corporate headquarters are located in Mesa, so I called to see if I could talk to someone about training. I was put in touch with the gentleman who was in charge of their training and told him about my company and the workshops I was putting together. I explained I was in town meeting with other dealerships and asked him if there was a chance I could meet with him while I was here. “I’d love to see what you’ve got,” he said and we made arrangements to meet later that morning.

   I arrived at the corporate training facility and was cautiously optimistic about the meeting. We went to his office, and I told him about the training workshops I was putting together for parts and service salesmen. He took me on a half hour tour of their training facility and told me about all the training they do there with all their employees. During the tour, he never asked me once about my training. My optimism was starting to fade. We returned to his office, and I told him I could make my training work with some of the training they are already doing. “As you can see, we do all of our training internally except what is provided by the manufacturer. So we’re probably not interested,” he said. “Dude, you could have told me that on the phone!” I said. (In my head of course) I think he just wanted to show off the training facility.

   The rest of my meetings went really well. I made some great progress with the dealership I had gone there to talk with. I also had some great conversations with a few more, and I am going back down in March for a meeting with the association and follow up with the dealers I met with.

   The best part of the whole trip was getting to spend time with my nephew Quinn and his family. They are always so nice and make me feel so welcome. I was lucky enough to go to Azme’s volleyball game and Easton’s soccer game. I am proud to say they both won their games and it was great to be in the stands and cheer them on. I told them it was because I was there and I must be good luck! I am grateful to have this terrific family in my life and I’m looking forward to spending more time with them in March. It’s a great reminder to me how much love and support my entire family has given me. I reminds me of the love from my Angel Shannon. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: All-Star weekend

P.S. Since I’m such good luck, they should have me down next year. You know, like from November through March.