A New Reward

   I will start this week’s story by telling you about a limo event I drove last week. When I looked at the information, I recognized the name of the passenger I was to pick up. It was a young man with special needs I had driven before. I remember because it was his birthday and I drove him and his parents around. At one point in the ride, we were stopped at a red light. Two girls pulled up to the side of the limo. I rolled the window down and yelled, “Hey, we’ve got a very important young man in here and it’s his birthday today!” The two girls yelled Happy Birthday to him as loud as they could. He got a big smile on his face and I could tell it made his day. I could tell it made his parents very happy also. So, when I pulled the limo up to pick them up this time, the young man came out and yelled, “It’s my favorite limo driver!” He came up and gave me a big hug, and his parents had a big smile on their face. What’s the purpose of this story, you ask? To prove I’m the Worlds Best Limo Driver of course. Seriously though, it’s reminds how much I appreciate all the opportunities I’ve had to meet such terrific people.

The second part of this week’s story happened when I went over to Teton Cancer Institute. Rick had called me and said he had a note there for me and I wanted to take them some debit cards. Also, Lisa wanted me to meet the new social worker. First, I would like to thank Marc Wichmann for all his support and wish him the best in his new job. I also want to welcome Danielle Picard to her new position as social worker and my adult supervision.

We were standing around talking when Rick came up and handed me the note. It was from a family from Victor that had been given some free hotel room vouchers. The note thanked the Foundation for allowing them to be there with their dad in his last few days. They told me how grateful they were for being able to have that extra time with him. They also had a check for the Foundation. I felt both a feeling of satisfaction and appreciation. It was satisfying to know they were able to have that special time with their father before he started his next chapter. I also felt so much appreciation for all the generous people who support the Foundation. You are the ones that make these events possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As I drove home, I thought about grateful I am for the extra time I had with my Angel Shannon. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Network for Good

P.S. Do you think I should be concerned that I need so much adult supervision? Yeah, me neither.