New Volunteer Opportunity

   When I first started volunteering at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, it was one of the best, rewarding decisions I have made. I started in the ICU waiting room, and from there I have volunteered in several other capacities. I have worked at the front desk, the surgical waiting room, and driven the shuttle, or what I refer to as “My way of picking up chicks!” Seriously though, I really enjoy every position I volunteer for. I have met some really wonderful people and made some great new friends.

   To start this story, I must point out that Teton Cancer Institute is part of Mountain View Hospital. One time I was talking with Lisa and I had mentioned an experience I had volunteering at EIRMC. “You should see about volunteering for us,”  Lisa said. “I really should be playing for the home team,” I replied. Last week when I went over to give them the debit cards and pick up the sweet note I wrote about in last week’s story, we were talking with the new social worker Danielle and the topic of my volunteer position at EIRMC came up. “I really need to see about volunteering for Mountain View,” I said. Lisa responded by telling me that she is always looking for volunteers to help the cancer patients at TCI. “The volunteers go around and see if they need anything while they’re getting their treatments. They check to see if they want a blanket, something to drink, or anything to make them feel comfortable. I think you would be perfect for this and you would get a chance to meet some of the people you are helping,” she said. I told her that sounded like a very rewarding thing to do and asked her what I needed to do to become a volunteer.

   Lisa contacted Jennifer Smith who is the volunteer coordinator at Mountain View. I filled out the proper paperwork, and thankfully the background check came back okay. (They must not have contacted any of the guys I play basketball with) I am proud to say I am officially qualified as a volunteer for TCI and Mountain View.

   I must admit I have some concerns about this. I know this will bring up some emotions and memories of my Angel Shannon and her treatments. I know this will take me back there and bring up some feelings of the remorse and loss I felt. But I also know it will bring up much stronger feelings of appreciation for the extra time these treatments gave me with her. I know without a doubt this is what I am supposed to do. I know I will have her strength and guidance every day. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Back to Arizona

P.S. There is one undisputable fact about my volunteer work. I am worth every penny of my salary.