Back to Arizona

   This week I was invited to a board meeting for the Far West Equipment Dealers Association. I was given the opportunity to do a fifteen-minute presentation on my training company. They are looking for a company they can have a partnership with to provide training for their dealership organizations.

   So, sadly I had to leave the cold, snowy town of Idaho Falls, and travel to Phoenix for the meeting. I know, I feel sorry for me as well. I was excited to come back down and spend some more time with my nephew Quinn and his terrific family. They have always been so kind to let me stay with them whenever I am in town.

   My good friends Mark and Cindy Tucker live there as well. The last time I was down, Mark invited to take us out to ride some four wheelers, but we couldn’t make our schedules work. This time, Mark invited us to go on Friday, and that worked out perfectly for all of us. We arranged to meet Mark at his house on Friday morning, and we were all very excited for this opportunity.

   On the way to the area we were going to go, Mark was explaining how deep the water gets in some of the places we were going to cross, and to make sure to follow his trail in some of the steeper places so I don’t tip over. Okay, this wasn’t any kind of four-wheeling I had done before, but it sounded exciting and a little scary at the same time.
We got to the parking area, Mark unloaded the two four-wheelers. He has two larger four-wheelers that seat four people. We decided to let Quinn’s wife Kellie and the two girls go with Mark, and myself, Quinn, and his son Easton went in the other one.

   We headed out on our adventure. When we arrived at the first stream we were going to cross, Mark explained the best way to go across, and to just follow the direction he was going to take. As he headed across, we noticed the water came up over the wheels of his four-wheeler as he made his way across. We followed him, and it was very exciting to go through the stream and make it to the other side. We were so thrilled we made it through and headed for the next crossing. At the next crossing, and Mark told us this one was a little deeper and to wait until he got all the way across before we tried. Mark headed into the crossing and got a little more than halfway across before his four-wheeler got stuck. Everyone was concerned about this development except Mark. He told us we needed to use the winch on the four-wheeler I was driving to pull his machine out. It took a little bit of trying, but with Mark’s instructions and Quinn running the winch, we were able to pull his four-wheeler out. But those two don’t deserve all the credit, I was the one who courageously waded out into the stream to hook up the winch. I agree, that was pretty brave of me.

   The rest of the day we spent driving through some beautiful country and going up and over some very steep terrain. It was a blast, and we all had a terrific time. I am so grateful I was able to spend this time with everyone. I want to thank Quinn, Kellie, Easton, Azme, and Boston for always making me feel welcome and for spending time with me. I want to thank Mark and Cindy for taking us and for the friendship they have giving me for so many years. I appreciate them more than I can ever say.

   These are the times that build the memories I will keep in my heart forever. I know it put a big smile on my Angel Shannon’s face as well. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

   And to top this whole trip off, my training company has been selected to be the training partner for the Far West Equipment Dealer Association. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Next Week: The Crusade Against Cancer School Challenge

P.S. Did I mention how heroic I was to walk out into the stream? I just didn’t want you to forget my bravery.