TCI Rewards #1

   Okay, who remembers the story (New Volunteer Opportunity) I posted three weeks ago? Who can tell me what TCI stands for? Anyone? Anyone? Great job class! It stands for Teton Cancer Institute. Since the majority of the class responded with the correct answer, there’s a good chance we might break for recess a little early today.

   Before I started volunteering at TCI, I decided to get some Shannon Wilker Foundation polo shirts to wear. It has allowed me to explain how I started volunteering and let people know I can relate to what they are going through. In the few weeks I have been volunteering there, I have had some tremendously rewarding experiences. I decided to put a number after the title because I am positive there are going to be many more experiences I want to write about.

   The first experience I want to write about is a husband and wife that were there for his treatment. They told me about his treatment and progress. We talked about some of the problems they have had with their insurance company. Then they told me what a great job the entire staff at TCI has done for them, and I agreed completely. When I asked them about their family, they started talking about their granddaughter. I could see their faces light up as they talked about some of the cute things she did. It was so heartwarming and rewarding to listen to them. It reminded me how precious granddaughters are and how proud I am of ours.

   The next experience was with a mother and her teenage daughter that was there for treatment. The mother started telling me about the trials they had gone through in another state getting someone to find out what was causing her daughter’s condition. It was heartbreaking to listen to what they had both already gone through. I told them about the Foundation and its purpose. The mom told me they were going to be there for at least three more hours, so I told her I needed to run to my house for a minute, but that I would be back. I returned with a $40 gas card and three $25 debit cards. “I want to give these to you to help a little bit,” I told her. They both started to get tears in their eyes. “The purpose of the Foundation is to get the money from the generous people who donate to the people that need it,” I told her. There are no adequate words that can describe the overwhelming feeling of warmth and love that came over me at that moment. I want to point out again the financial credit for this belongs to all the generous businesses and people who donate and support the Foundation.

   If I had to choose the most inspirational lesson I have experienced so far, it would have to be the overwhelming positive attitude and strength I have witnessed from these people. It has helped me focus on the positive things I have in my life. It reminds me of the strength I get every day from my Angel Shannon. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Press release

P.S. We will not break early for recess due to a few disruptive students. You know who you are.