Make-A-Wish Limo Event

   This week’s story is about an event that happened three weeks ago. Now I try to keep the topic of my stories on current events, but I needed to write about Easter and of course you needed to read about the knowledge and wisdom from a distinguished, well-traveled , experienced elderly gentleman. That’s the politically correct terminology of saying, “The preaching of an old guy!” But this was such an inspirational event that I knew at the time it was definitely something that I needed to write about.

   On April 13th, there were two limo events available, and one of them was for the Make a Wish organization. I asked if I could take the Make-A-Wish event because the last time I drove a limo for them it was so rewarding. Besides, I felt it was only fair the Make a Wish recipient get the World’s Best Limo driver.

   The Make-A-Wish recipient was a young girl that had written a book and wanted to have a book signing at Barnes and Noble. The instructions were to take them to Barnes and Noble, drop them off and come back in a couple of hours and take them to Chuck-A-Rama for lunch. I was excited to meet this amazing young lady and her family.

   I arrived at the address and met with the two ladies from Make-A-Wish in front of the house. They told me the time had changed a little bit and wondered if I could drive the family around for a few minutes before we went over to Barnes and Noble. I told them I would be glad to take them anywhere they wanted to go. I mean after all, that’s exactly something the World’s Best Limo Driver would love to do. We went into the house so they could introduce me to the family. When I met the Mom, she looked very familiar, but I couldn’t place where I knew her from. We both realized they had lived in the house directly behind mine, and we were in Scouts together.

   I drove them down by the LDS temple so they could get some pictures. It was so heartwarming to see such a loving family. From there we headed to the mall. I dropped them off in front of Barnes and Noble and found a place to park the limo. I had no intention of leaving and coming back later. I wanted to experience the whole event. When I walked in to find them, there was already a long line of people waiting to get a signed copy of her book. It was such a great tribute to this young lady and a great example of the lives she has touched.

   As I watched her interaction with the people getting a copy of her book, I was touched by her heartwarming spirit and positive attitude. It is so obvious her inner strength and courage is an inspiration to everyone that has had the opportunity to meet her. I know it was for me.

   After the book signing was over, it was time to take them to Chuck-A-Rama for lunch. The ladies from Make-A-Wish and the family invited me to join them. Normally, if any group I was driving would extend such an offer, I would thank them but politely decline. This situation was very different though. I knew it would mean a lot to them and it was great honor to be asked to have lunch with them.

   The opportunity to meet people like this is why I always like to drive the Make-A-Wish events. I am always inspired by their strength and courage. It reminds me of the strength and courage of my Angel Shannon. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Fundraiser planning

P.S. The name of the book is “Scary Stories” by Leah Paul and I highly recommend it! I can get you the information if you want to contact me.

P.P.S. I’m sure another reason for the lunch invitation is the fact I’m the World’s Best Limo Driver. I’m just saying.