Fundraising Plans

   We are getting closer to the second annual Crusade Against Cancer event. It will held be at Snake River Landing on June 8. I’m excited for this event, and hope to have an even bigger turnout this year.

   The first step to making this a successful event is getting sponsors. Now, I must point out this isn’t one of my favorite jobs. I’m always apprehensive to go in and asked anyone to be a sponsor. It’s uncomfortable when I get the look that says, “What kind of scam is this?” I know this shouldn’t bother me as much as it does. But it has taught me another valuable life lesson. Anything you want to succeed at will ultimately force you to accept and accomplish all the steps in the process. Even the ones you’re not comfortable with.

   Now, it must have been my Star Lord superpowers that had me decide to hold a superhero themed fun run last year the same time the movie Avengers – Infinity War came out. I enlisted the help of some of my good friends to dress up as superheroes and hand out flyers in front of Edwards Theatre. I also had Cassidy and some of the adopted granddaughters help as well. So, I must have been using my Star Lord superhero powers again this year, because Marvel Studios released the movie Avengers – Endgame just in time this year as well. Let’s all take a few minutes to recognize my superpowers and how amazing I am. Wow, you’re done already?

   This year, I need to thank Bob Hale, Todd Brown, Nate & Kayla Esplin and their two adorable kids, Cassidy and adopted granddaughter Taylor for helping pass out flyers. For the most part, it was a terrific and fun evening. The only incident was when Cassidy tried to hand out a flyer to a gentleman that without even looking at what the flyer was for abruptly said “I don’t support that!” and walked away. As he was walking off, Cassidy turned to Taylor and said “Wow, that was rude.” The man heard her remark and came back and told her, “I don’t even live here, so why would I want a flyer?” Now, my first thought was he could have just said that instead of being so rude. But another thought occurred to me. I told Cassidy and Taylor “You know, he might be going through something difficult right now. His reaction might not have anything to do with the flyer. I have learned that it’s best just to not let things like that bother you because no one knows what someone else is going through.”

   Now I’m not sure how many people will sign up for the race just because we handed them a flyer, but I do know it gets the name of the race some recognition and it allows us to let people know about the Foundation and its purpose. This is a very rewarding part of the fundraising process. I know it was the guidance of my Angel Shannon that helped me understand why the gentleman responded the way he did. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Make-A-Wish limo event #2

P.S. Anytime I’m passing out flyers, I’m reminded of a statement the comedian Mitch Hedberg said. “When someone hands you a flyer, it’s like they’re saying, Here, you throw this away.”