Crusade Against Cancer 2019 Part One

   Well, it was a hard-fought battle yesterday at Snake River Landing with the second annual Crusade Against Cancer. I need to thank all the Superhero’s that came down and brought their special superpowers with them to help us in the battle.

   Last year when I was putting the concept of this together, I decided I wanted it to be an annual event. I chose to go with the first weekend in June after school was out for the summer. After all, it’s before everyone has summer vacations planned and the weather should be just about perfect. And last year it was. A little brisk in the morning but warmed up to a nice temperature. Perfect for a family race. So this year should be the same, right? Oh wait, I forgot. We live in Idaho. For the last two weeks, I watched as the weather prediction was 90% chance of rain and way below normal temperatures.

   I waited until Friday to put down the route arrows that stick to the sidewalk and mark the racecourse. Well, they normally stick to the sidewalk when it’s dry. It’s a little different when it’s raining steadily like it was the entire time I was trying to put them down. I finished with the arrows and hoped that they would last until the race was over the next day.

   I decided to check the weather forecast. The chance of rain was lowered a little, but the temperature was supposed to be around freezing for most of the morning. I was a little discouraged to think what that was going to mean for the race.

   Saturday morning, when I left to head down to the race, it was really cold, and it started to sprinkle a little bit. “Oh great! That’s all I need right now,” I thought. But as we were setting everything up for the race, the rain had stopped, and the sun started to come out. By the time the race was about to start, it was still a little cold, but it was a lot warmer than I thought it was going to be.

   We had a really good turn out and everything went very well. I had so many people volunteer and helped me put this all together. I am blessed and grateful to have such selfless, caring people in my life. There isn’t any way my Foundation would be the success it is without them. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

   I had a lot of people come up to me and say my Angel Shannon must have helped with the weather. I agree 100%. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Crusade Against Cancer Part Two (Special Memories)

P.S. Does anyone think the weather might have changed because of my Star Lord powers? Yeah, me neither.