Disneyland Highlights

To begin this story the right way, I want to acknowledge and thank Kristi’s mom Dixie Richardson for getting us some extremely nice accommodations to stay in while we were on vacation. It was a very nice resort in Helendale, and it was great. Dixie, we want you to know how much we appreciate your wonderful generosity.

   We checked into the resort on Thursday night, and talked about the different parts of Disneyland we wanted to make sure we checked out. One of the areas that wasn’t there when we went before was Star Wars. Ryan and Justin were especially excited to check it out. We talked about all the different rides we wanted to go on. We all agreed we needed to make sure we went on Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. We were all very excited for the adventure ahead of us.

   The first thing we did on Friday morning, was to head to the Star Wars area. Ryan had done some research and explained some of the interesting parts of the exhibits. It was amazing to see the detail they had put into all the displays. We waited patiently in line to go on the Millennium Falcon ride. It was an interactive ride where everyone had a job to do. Ryan and Cassidy were the pilots, and Justin and I were the gunners. Now, I know it was Ryan and Cassidy’s first time on the ride, but we ran into quite a few rocks, buildings, and mountains. Justin and I were able to shoot down a lot of the fighter planes, but I’m pretty sure I shot down more of our ships than enemy ships. It was so much fun.

   After we were done with the ride, Ryan and Justin wanted to check out more of the Star Wars area, so Cassidy and I decided to head to some of the other areas and rides. It was fun walking around with Cassidy and watching all the families making some great memories together. I couldn’t help but think how rewarding it was for Justin and Ryan to spend some great bonding time together, as well as Cassidy and me to have our own bonding time together.

   We all got together a little later to get some dinner. We talked about where we wanted to watch the fireworks. Ryan and Justin decided to watch them from the Star Wars area behind the castle, and Cassidy and I would watch them from the front of the castle. We said we would all take videos so we could show them to each other. The fireworks were amazing and so much fun to watch them with Cassidy. We meet up with Justin and Ryan and talked about how much fun the whole day had been. I was only wishing Brittney and Jayci could have been here with us.

   These are just a few of the very special times and memories we had together on this vacation. But, I think the sweetest part was when Cassidy told me she wanted to go to Mickey’s Toon Town. “That’s one of the places I remember going to with Grandma the last time we were here,” Cassidy said. I can’t tell you how touching and heartwarming that was to me. I am so proud of our boys and granddaughters and grateful for the love and support they give me every day. I know my Angel Shannon is proud of them also, and this trip put a very big smile on her face. We will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Fourth of July 2019

P.S. Ryan and Cassidy need to practice dodging fast moving obstacles that come out of nowhere. Might I suggest Utah traffic.