The Blessing of Friendship

One of the best rewards I have received through the Foundation is the friendships and connections I have made. I have always believed you meet the people in your life when you are meant to meet them. This week’s story is about three very important friendships I have made.

   The first friendship I would like to tell you about is with Sandie Fulks from Rich Broadcasting. My first contact with her was on a conference call with Mountain View Hospital for a fundraising idea I was working on. From the very first time we talked she has always been so supportive and extremely helpful. Sandie has been very instrumental in the success of the Crusade Against Cancer. She has always reached out to help with any events I am putting together.

   The next friendship and connection I am grateful for is with Michael Dalessi of Black Knight Limousine. Michael is a very generous man that has done so many charitable things for our community. Michael has donated a limousine for the last two years for the Shannon Wilker Foundation Night Out event in December. I am especially thankful he has retired from driving, so I don’t have to compete with him for the World’s Best Limo Driver title!

   And last, but certainly not least is Lisa Anderson from the Teton Cancer Institute. Lisa has been so supportive and has done so many things to help promote the Foundation. Lisa has allowed me to have a booth at all of the events she has put together. She has also talked me into to volunteering at Teton Cancer Institute. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

   Now I have made so many more important friendships and I don’t want anyone to feel left out. But the reason I am writing about these three wonderful people is because they are helping me put together an event for this fall that will be so much fun. I could tell you what it is, but this is what they call in the business a teaser for a future story. All I can say is if we are able to get this done, it is going to be awesome!

   I want to thank everyone of you for your support and your friendship. I want you to know I cherish and appreciate every one of them. Thanks for reading.

Next week: College Bound

P.S. Would you like a hint? It will require me to deal with Utah drivers. Which proves that no matter what happens in your life, there will always be a downside to deal with. “Utah drivers. Why did it have to be Utah drivers?”