College Bound

   Before I start this weeks’ topic, I need to tell you about a phone call I received this week. It was from an unfamiliar number, so I let it go to voice mail. The message was from an older gentleman and pretty incoherent. All I could get was he was stranded here and trying to get back to Portland. I called the gentleman back and told him I had missed his call and asked how I could help. He told me he had gotten my number from the girls at the coffee shop. He said his camper had broken down and him and his dog was stranded here. I told him about the Foundation and how we raise money to help cancer patients. “Well, the cancer is at a point where it doesn’t really matter,” he said. I wasn’t sure what that even meant. I thought very carefully before I responded. Then I said, “I could try and help you out with a couple of gas cards.” “Well that’s not going to do any damn good. My campers broke down,” he replied. I thought very carefully before I replied. “I’m sorry for your predicament and I apologize I couldn’t be more help,” I said. His reply was a very insincere “Thanks anyway,” and he hung up. The only lesson I can take away from this is there will always be people I won’t be able to help, and not to let it bother me.

   Tomorrow Cassidy is leaving for St. George to attend Dixie College. We talked about how we needed to get together for a farewell dinner before she leaves. We decided Tuesday night would work for both of us and we decided to go to SnakeBite because it’s one of our favorites. We both agreed the summer went by too fast and we couldn’t believe it was time for her to go already. We had a nice talk about different things she is looking forward to. We talked about opportunities for me to come down and visit. Of course I told her the ideal time would be between November and April when it’s freezing in Idaho.

   We talked about her parents and what a good example of hard work and success they are. We also talked about Brittney and what a wonderful illustration of strength and courage she is. I told her whenever she starts to feel overwhelmed, she can think about these examples and use them to help her. As we were talking, I couldn’t help but think about what an amazing and mature young woman our little girl has turned into.

   I told her we are all very proud of her and are positive she will be successful in everything she does. “You’re the type of person that will not just be a success yourself, but one that was meant to be a leader and help other people along your path succeed. Your Grandma and I knew that about you from the very start,” I told her. I reminded her I am only a phone call away if she ever needed someone to talk to. “The most important thing to remember is Grandma is there for you and she is always watching over you,” I told her. She agreed and told me there have been several times she could tell Shannon was guiding her.

   We spent a couple of hours talking and when I left to go home, I had a tremendous feeling of love and warmth. I could feel the strength of our family bond. I am so grateful for the love and support I get from them every day. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Star Valley Limo Event

P.S. It’s obvious where Cassidy got her mature and responsible attributes from. Oh, that’s so sweet of all of you to think of me, but I was actually talking about Shannon.