Make-A-Wish 3

   Before I start this week’s story there will be a pop quiz. Who can remember what the Make-A-Wish 2 story posted on May 18 was about? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? If you’re too young to understand the Bueller reference, ask your parents or grandparents. That movie was a classic! The first person to post or send me an answer will win a prize. The winner will be announced in next week’s story.

   Last Monday, I got an text from Julie at Make-A-Wish asking if the World’s Best Limo Driver would be available on Thursday to take a young boy for a shopping spree. I told her I would love to. She made the arrangements, and everything was set for me to pick them up in the parking lot of Target. The family came out with two shopping carts full of items. Julie introduced them and they were so nice and gracious. It was great to see the big smile of the young boys’ face.

   From there we went to Walmart. Now, if you want to see some confused expressions from people, pull up to Walmart in a limo. When I opened the door to let the family out to start their shopping spree, I gave the young boy a $20 bill and said “I want to contribute to your shopping spree. The young boy had a surprised look on his face and then came over and gave me a big hug and I could tell he was so grateful for this small gesture. I must tell you, this made me tear up a little.

   We continued the shopping spree by taking them to the mall and Best Buy. It was so rewarding to listen to the family talk about how much fun they were having. The last stop was at the Spirit of Halloween store. One of the funniest things the young boy came out with was a life size dummy you can dress up to scare people. I couldn’t help myself, so I had them take a picture with the young boy in the middle, and myself and the dummy on each side. “Hey look, a bald dummy on each side,” I said. We all had a good laugh.

   I always enjoy meeting these families and the chance to experience the inspiration I get from these strong young people. They always put my life and the small issues I have in perspective. I have been extremely blessed by the friendships I have made.

   Now, to finish, I will explain why I started with a pop quiz. The Make-A-Wish 2 story was about the young man who did a professional photo shoot. Julie told me the family had just gotten back from a big photo shoot in New York for a major department store. There is a good chance this young man will be one of their featured models. This was the family that came down to the Crusade Against Cancer so they could participate, and the young man wanted to say hello to me. I am so happy for the entire family. What an emotional an uplifting story. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to meet wonderful people like them.

   I hope you are all having a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend and you are making some terrific memories with your families. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Labor Day weekend 2019

P.S. I think I will randomly keep doing the pop quiz. And some of you thought you were through having to study.