Eastern Idaho State Fair 2019

   First let’s start with naming the winner of the pop quiz last week. Congratulations to Patty Elzinga for correctly naming the content of the Make-A-Wish 2 story. She has won a stylish Shannon Wilker Foundation stocking cap.
I hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend and you made some very special memories with your family and friends. I always have mixed emotions about this holiday. It means getting to go to the Eastern Idaho State Fair, but it also means that summer is almost over and the cold and snow are on their way.

   I enjoy going to the fair and walking through the buildings with the quilts and blankets. I am always overwhelmed with the talent and patience it must take to produce such amazing work. I also love to walk through the buildings with the art and photography, although I must admit, some of the work that receives a blue ribbon I don’t understand at all. As well as some of the displays I think should be awarded a blue ribbon that didn’t receive anything. This is probably why I have never been asked to be a judge.

   Another fun aspect of the fair is being able to do some serious people watching. I find myself contemplating some of the clothing choices and hair styles some people make. I have seriously consider having a booth that sells mirrors, because I’m positive some people must not have one or they wouldn’t have left their house looking like that.

   Some of the best times I have had at the fair was getting to go down with Cassidy and some of the adopted granddaughters. It was so much fun going on the different rides with them, even if I did scream louder on the scary ones than all of them put together. The last few years, it was harder to make our schedules work so we could go to the fair at the same time. I had resolved myself to the fact it wouldn’t happen this year since she had moved to St. George for college. But fortunately she was able to come home for the weekend. We arranged a time when she was going to be at the fair with her friends and we could go on some rides together for old times’ sake. We met at the rides on Saturday night and I was able to go on some rides with Cassidy and some of the adopted granddaughters. It was so much fun.

   I will admit I wish I could have spent more time with Cassidy when she was here, but I realize she has plans with her friends and the rest of the family. So I choose to be happy she has made so many wonderful friends and be proud of the sweet young lady she is. I choose to be grateful for any time I am able to spend with her. Life is about enjoying the positive times instead of dwelling on something I can’t change anyway. I’m so grateful for the bond we all have together.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer while it’s still here. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Old friends

P.S. Evidently Kristi has made me so happy I no longer have that “Mad Face.” This year the carnival workers wouldn’t leave me alone, and I’m okay with that.