A Very Special Angel

This week’s story has been a very hard one for me to write. I have started many times, only to have to stop because the emotions I am feeling are too overwhelming.

   After spending almost 96 years of doing the work our Heavenly Father asked her to do down here, (With absolute compassion and humility) our beloved mother Maxine Wilker left us Wednesday morning to continue her calling of service in heaven.

   Our mother grew up on a cattle ranch in Grace, Idaho. She taught all of us the value of hard work and no matter how late it was to finish the chores we were given. We are all grateful for everything she took care of. She made sure the chores in the house were taken care of, and she could ride a horse and cowboy with the best of men. She taught us to be the best in anything we did.

   Mom got her bachelor’s degree from Utah State University and taught school for 22 years. This was another example of how hard she worked. She got her college degree and still took care of us kids. If you were to talk to any of her students, they would tell you she was a great teacher and was definitely a positive influence in their life. In all of her years of teaching, the best lesson she taught everyone was the value of kindness and empathy for others.

   Of all of the amazing accomplishments our Mom achieved, her faith and testimony for her religion were her greatest passions and gifts. She held several callings in her ward and enjoyed every one of them. She would tell you one of her biggest blessings was serving in the Logan Temple for 13 years. No matter what position or task she was given, she fulfilled it with love and compassion. Her faith was exactly like her, strong, committed and kind.

   Our Mom’s passing has definitely left a void in our lives and her community. She will be missed by so many people who were inspired by her and loved her. We have no doubt that her reunion with our sister Pam and brother Curt was glorious and wonderful. We are all saddened to see her go, but we are confident that she is starting her next chapter of service to our Heavenly Father and she will still be watching over us and guiding us every day. Please know how much we miss you Mom, and we will all work hard to make you proud of us. Thanks for reading.