Say Boo to Cancer 2019

   I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. I will start by saying this has always been one of my favorite holidays. It started with getting to go to houses and get free candy. When we got to the age of being too cool to trick or treat, we graduated to throwing water balloons and pulling silly pranks. The next part some of you have already read about, so I asked for your indulgence as I tell it again. It was a well-known fact that Grace was famous for Halloween pranks. When I was a junior in High School, some seniors hauled an outhouse into town and stood it up on Main Street. They bragged that no one would ever be able to top that. “Someone” in the junior class said, “Challenge accepted!” So the next year, two days before Halloween a group of seniors put an outhouse on top of the high school and laid it down just behind the GHS sign at the front of the roof. On Halloween night, a small group climbed on top of the school and stood it up by the GHS sign. In our senior yearbook, there is a picture of it. I won’t say who the mastermind was of this amazing prank, but he must be an evil genius.

I want to thank Lisa and everyone at Teton Cancer for letting me be part of their Say Boo to Cancer event every year. It’s fun to see all the different groups that attend, and I admire such amazing creativity. The group right by the side of me were all characters from Toy Story. Another lady was dressed up as the Ham Burglar complete with a large box for a drive through window. What was my costume you ask? Star Lord of course! I didn’t go to the trouble/effort to decorate my car as the Milano or the Benatar (The names of my spaceships) mainly because it would cut into my watching Sports Center time. Besides, getting to see Star Lord should be enough, right?

I always have a good time meeting people and handing out candy but the best part to me is getting to see all the little kids in their costumes and the big smiles on their faces. It is so heartwarming to see families making some very special memories together. It helps remind me how special and rewarding the strength and love of a great family bond is. I am so grateful for my family and the love and strength they give me every day. Thanks for reading.

Next week: The Leadore Mustang

P.S. Maybe next year I will branch out and goes as Groot. I’m hilarious.