NRF Celebration Dinner

   This story begins three years ago when I had a booth for the Foundation at the “What Today’s Women Want” event at the Shilo. A lady came up to the booth and asked me to tell her about the Foundation. I explained our mission to help cancer patients and told her all the money we receive goes directly to local cancer patients and their families. “I’m so glad to hear that,” she said. “We have a group out at the NRF that holds a fundraiser every year for breast cancer awareness. In the past, we have donated the money to breast cancer awareness organizations, but we are concerned where the money goes. We have been looking for a local organization and I am happy to hear what you are doing with your funds,” she told me.

So, the next two years, they have sent a check to the Foundation which we have used to purchase gas and debit cards for local cancer patients. This year, I got a call from Terri Garcia letting me know they had finished all their fundraising projects and invited me to dinner at the Snow Eagle restaurant so they could present me the check. I told her I would be honored to meet them there and thanked her for the invitation.

When Kristi and I arrived at Snow Eagle, we were told the event was upstairs. We met with the group and it was such a great feeling of warmth and love. Everyone was so nice and gracious. Terri got up to say a few words about all the fundraising events they held and how amazed at the response and donations they received. She handed me an envelope and said, “This will probably cash better than that one,” as she pointed to a large check they had made up to show how much they had raised. I hadn’t noticed the large check until I looked over to it. I hadn’t really wondered how much I thought the amount would be. If I’m being honest, I would have thought it would be around $400 because that’s how much it was last year. When I looked at the large check for $1600 I was overcome with emotions. I couldn’t find the words to let them know how grateful and humble I was feeling. This was another reward and blessing the Foundation has allowed me to receive that words cannot accurately describe.

When I was able to say a few words, I told them I was so grateful to them and that with these funds we would be able to help at least two more families with our Adopt-a-Family for Christmas program. They told me it was their pleasure to be able to help and said next year they would bring even a bigger check. My feeling on any donation will always be the same. If it’s only five dollars, its’ five dollars more than I have now. I am so grateful to live in this community and for opportunities to meet such a wonderful group of people. I want Kristi to know how grateful I am for all the support and encouragement she gives me. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Happy Thanksgiving

P.S. While the check was the best part of the evening, the free food is a close second.