Christmas Adopt-A-Family 2019 Part 2

   I will start this week’s story the same way as last week’s story. That is by thanking all of you for your generosity and donations. This year we were able to help three families in the Pocatello area and five families in our community. I also want to thank the great staff at Teton Cancer Institute for their support, encouragement and friendship.

We started our shopping excursion at Walmart on Tuesday. Rick brought some great help from TCI and I enlisted Kristi to help me. She has always been great to help me out with my Foundation events. We each had the name of a different family and our family worked out great because they had a seven and five year old girl to shop for.

We headed out to begin our shopping spree. Kristi and I started with the two girls on our list. I knew Kristi would have a great time shopping for them. As we went around Walmart trying to find the items we needed, we would bump into some others trying to fill their list. It was so fun and rewarding to see the excitement on their faces. As we reviewed our list, there was a request for comic books, and books for fifth grade level reading. Kristi and I went over to the books, and really couldn’t find any books that specified what reading level and couldn’t decide what comic books to buy. Kristi asked me what I thought we should do. I looked at her and said, “That’s why God made Amazon and a gift debit cards.”

After we finished our shopping and checked out, we were all happy to know we were going to be able to help these families have a good Christmas. I will never be able to say this enough, but it is thanks to our wonderful community and their generosity that we are able to do this. I am so grateful to be able to experience the joy and blessing of getting your money to help the people that we can. You are all the real MVP’s.

The best part of this experienced happened on Thursday when I received a call from the Dad of one of the cancer patients. He told me his name and the name of his seven year old son that was the cancer patient. He thanked me for helping them out with Christmas, and how happy it was going to make his son. “If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of cancer does your son have?” I asked him. He told me he had a form of leukemia. “The good news is, on Monday he gets his port taken out because the cancer is now in remission,” he told me. There are no words that can adequately explain the strong feeling of warmth and peace that came over me. “When we get things settled, I would really like to be able to help out with your Foundation if you would let me,” he said. I told him I would love to have his help and we would stay in touch.

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and tell you how grateful I am for all your support and friendship. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Merry Christmas 2019

P.S. You get to find out what “Log” was this year!