Pink Night 2020

   To tell this story properly, we need to go back one year to the first Pink Night. Thunder Ridge High School put together an event to raise cancer awareness. They supplied free pink t-shirts for everyone to wear and a silent auction. The booster club president Michele Kennedy had heard about the Foundation and informed me they wanted to make a donation. I thanked her and told her how grateful I was for the help. When I met Michele and Coach Toldson, I was so impressed with their commitment to helping teach the students the importance of community and reaching out to help others. When Michele gave me the check, I asked her if she knew some families I could help with the funds. She informed me there were two families they were going to help so I told her I would take the funds she gave me and write check for one half to each family.

This year, Michele called me and said the were going to have the Pink Night on January 15 wanted to donate all the funds to the Foundation. She also asked me if I could say few words at halftime about the Foundation and its purpose. I told her how extremely grateful I am for everything she has done to help the Foundation and it would be an honor to be part of the program.

I started thinking about the things I wanted to let people know about the Foundation. I thought I should let people know about some of the events the Foundation has done. As I was deciding exactly what I wanted to say, I watched a story on East Idaho News about an amazing 10 year old boy name Korbin from Tie Breaker Elementary. His Grandfather passed away 2 years ago, so he started a fundraiser to make some baskets to give cancer patients. I knew right then that I wanted to donate some funds to help him and give him the check at halftime of the game.
I made the arrangements to meet Korbin and his Mom at the game. I was so happy to meet them, and I was so impressed with their compassion and generosity. I explained that at halftime, we would go out onto the court so I could present Korbin with the check.

At halftime, Dr. Todd talked about the advances that have been made into cancer treatment and the commitment TCI has for their patients. He did a fantastic job. When he handed me the microphone, I explained a little about the purpose of the Foundation and then I talked about how I learned about Korbin and his fund raiser. “It is my honor and pleasure to donate this check for $250 from the Foundation to you and tell you how proud I am of what you are doing,” I said as I handed Korbin the check. The crowd started clapping for Korbin. A group of the students started chanting “Korbin, Korbin, Korbin.” Then another group of kids stood up, so I started raising my arms to get the rest of the crowd to stand up. I was so excited to see him receive a standing ovation. I looked over at his Mom and grandparents and the smiles on their faces were priceless.

I am so grateful I live in this community with so many remarkable young men and women. I am so proud of them and have no doubt they will be great leaders for our future. Thanks for reading.

Next week: A special birthday wish

P.S. I think it should be noted I had a microphone and captive audience and kept my speech under an hour. You’re welcome.