Super Bowl LIV

I am pretty sure a lot of people would tell you the best part of the Super Bowl is the food. Well, since I am a member of Raider nation, this has been my favorite part of the Super Bowl for a while now. Now I know some of you had some good food, but I promise you it doesn’t compare to the great food Kristi serves. This year her sister Pam made a delicious pie that was absolutely amazing. Super great food from two Super great women. My self-appointed job was to make sure none of the food goes to waste. I did a terrific job if I do say so myself.

I thought the commercials were better this year than last year. Some of my favorites were the Doritos with Sam Elliot, Cheetos can’t touch this with M.C. Hammer, and Jeep with Bill Murray. The best was the “NFL – The next 100 years” with the young boy running with the football through the neighborhoods. The big smile on his face when he ran onto the field was priceless.

Now to the game. I was glad to see two teams playing that hadn’t been to a Super Bowl for a while. Kristi’s sister Pam lives in Missouri, so there’s no question who she was rooting for. Kristi and I were cheering for San Francisco, mainly because her son Jeff is a major 49er’s fan. I felt like it was a pretty good game and was glad it wasn’t a blowout like a lot of the previous Super Bowls have been. I was disappointed Jeff’s team didn’t win but I was happy for Coach Andy Reid. This was his first Super Bowl win as a head coach.

I would like to tell you two of the life lessons I gained from this year’s Super Bowl. First is the example of Coach Andy Reid. As the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City chiefs, he has won 207 regular season games and 15 post season games, but never a Super Bowl. It taught me to never give up on anything you want to accomplish. And while many would have labeled him a failure, the fact is most of his players, formerly and currently, would stand by him no matter what. In a league that is hiring younger coaches all the time, it says a lot that he has the respect and trust from the organizations and his teams.

Next I would like to comment on Patrick Mahomes modesty and humility. We live in an age where more and more athletes are so arrogant and cocky. Where they hold out for more money with no concern for their team. When they are interviewed they make sure everyone knows how great they are. I remember an NBA player was asked if he was concerned when his team was behind in the NBA finals. When he said no, he was asked why he wasn’t concerned. “Because I’m the greatest basketball player on the planet,” was his reply. Whenever Patrick Mahomes has been interviewed, he always gives credit to his teammates. He gives credit to Coach Reid for his faith in him and his leadership.

I wanted to share these two lessons and let you know how they have helped me. Coach Reid’s example has taught me to always work hard and respect has to be earned, not demanded. Patrick Mahomes example has taught me the importance of humility and giving the people who support you the credit they deserve. I want to let all of you know how grateful I am for the support you have given me and the Foundation. The amazing growth and success of the Foundation would not be possible without your help and assistance. Thank you so much and thanks for reading.

Next week: Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

P.S. The most important lesson you should learn from this story: Don’t underestimate Old Guys.