Cancer Center Alliance Group

The Snake River Cancer Alliance Support Group is a group of amazing people that have over 100 combined years of cancer survivorship. One of them is my good friend Becky Capp. Becky has put together a fun event on March 6 at the Apple Athletic Club. The event is to honor these great people and to raise money for the Foundation. Becky invited me to come to their meeting this week to speak with the group. I had the honor to speak to this group a year ago and was grateful to meet with them again.

The meeting started by Becky telling everyone about the event she has put together at the Apple Athletic Club. She explained all the different fun things they are going to be doing, and how it is to recognize their years of survivorship and help the Foundation. It was quite fun to hear the excitement in her voice as she talked about the event. We could all tell she has put a lot of work into getting everything arranged and promoted.

When it was my turn, I told them about a little about how the Foundation was started and some of the events we have done. I told them how grateful I am for the help and support I have gotten from our community, and especially how much I appreciated Becky for putting this event together. I told them it was an honor to be able to be part of any event with such a wonderful group. To show my appreciation, I told them I wanted to take the entire group to the event in a limousine. I also told them about the Shannon Wilker Foundation Night Out event in December and wanted to make sure they were included this year.

It was humbling to listen to them talk about some of their treatments and other ordeals they have gone through dealing with this horrible disease. I realized no one can really understand just how hard that had to be on them. It gave me a great deal of respect and inspiration to witness the strength and courage they have. It also helped me appreciate the blessings I have in my life.

I would like to encourage anyone who can to come to the Apple on March 6 to pay tribute to this amazing group of people and let them know how much they mean to our community. Thanks for reading.

Next week: New Orleans Bound

P.S. Who can guess what the best reward for this group is? If the term “World’s Best Limo Driver” came to your mind, you win.