Friday Night Fever

Friday Night Fever

I want to thank Becky Capp and the Snake River Cancer Alliance Group for putting together this wonderful event. I would like to thank everyone that came and gave their support. I want to make sure everyone responsible for this event knows how grateful I am for everything they did.

Becky did an amazing job setting everything up and LoRita was in charge of donations and selling raffle tickets. Preston was an awesome D.J. as usual and made sure to play all the songs Becky had requested. Before he played the single request of mine, I wanted to address the audience. “ I want to acknowledge the inspiration and strength of the ladies we are honoring tonight. Since they are such strong fighters, and this is a party, the next song is the one I felt was appropriate,” I said. Then Preston played “You’ve gotta fight for your right to party” by the Beastie Boys.

The evening was filled with so many neat experiences. It was nice to see the all the families there, and especially the little kids running around and having a good time. Speaking of little kids, it was delightful to look over and see Brittney and Jayci. One of the absolute best parts of the night was getting to dance with Kristi. It was so nice to see everyone there having a great time.

As I was enjoying the evening, I couldn’t help but look around at these cancer survivors and see the joy on their faces. I thought about all the trials and struggles they have faced, and it was so inspiring to see them still find the positive side of life. It helped me appreciate even more all the hard work their group does to help other cancer patients and survivors. I will always be grateful for the strength they give me. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Dealer meetings update

P.S. This group is so important that of course the were brought to the event by the World’s Best Limo Driver. That is me in case you forgot.