Outstanding Teenagers

Outstanding Teenagers

Before I tell you about the great event I was fortunate enough to be part of last Friday, I want to tell you about an inspiring experience I had last Thursday. Rick from TCI contacted me when I was in New Orleans and told me there was a cancer patient that wanted to get in touch with me. He said she was looking for some help and asked if it was okay if he gave her my number. I told him of course and I would be glad to talk to her and see what I could do.

I was waiting at the Salt Lake airport when she called. I told her I was on my way back to Idaho Falls, and asked when it would be possible to get together. We decided to meet at TCI on Thursday before her treatment. Then she said, “I don’t really want anything for me, but I have a good friend that has allowed me to stay at her house and is taking care of me through my treatments. I would like to see if there was anything you could do to help her out.” I immediately thought about how thoughtful and unselfish that was. When we met the next day, she told me a little bit more about her family and the medical struggles she has faced. With all the challenges she is facing, it was more important to put her friends needs in front of her own. These are the kind of people I am so blessed and grateful to meet.

Last Friday I was given a limo event to drive for. It was for a young lady’s sweet sixteen birthday party and I was to pick them up at Rigby High School and take them to Treasure’s Bridal for pictures. While we were waiting I was talking to the Mom about her daughter. She told me she is Miss Outstanding Teen for Rexburg and some of the pageants and events she has been in. She told me all the positive things she does to help the community. I told her about the Foundation and how fortunate our community is to have so many terrific young men and women like her daughter. She told me her daughter performed a dance at halftime of a Rigby basketball game about cancer. “Oh my word, my girlfriend Kristi and I were at that game. Your daughter did a fantastic job, and it was quite inspirational,” I told her.

When the group came out, I told the daughter I was lucky enough to watch her dance and what an amazing job she did. The entire group was so polite and gracious. As we headed towards Treasure’s bridal, it was so sweet to listen to the girls talking in the back. It reminded me of driving Cassidy and some of the adopted granddaughters around. We arrived at Treasure’s and the group went in to get dressed up for pictures. It was so sweet to watch them pose for their pictures, but it reminded me just how fast time flies and how fast they grow up.

I was talking with the Mom, and we are going to see about having the daughter perform at the Crusade Against Cancer event. I was also impressed with the rest of the young women and I have no doubt they will all be terrific leaders for our future. I am grateful to live in this community and for all of you. Thanks for reading.

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P.S. Sitting in my house watching Netflix all day is not being lazy. It’s called self-quarantine. Your welcome.