Mr. & Mrs. Carter Riggins

Mr. & Mrs. Carter Riggins

Kristi’s youngest son Carter got married yesterday to his eternal companion Robin Bartlett. They had originally planned the ceremony to be at the temple in May, but the Covid-19 situation forced them to change their plans. This week’s story is about the wedding shower last Saturday and the ceremony yesterday.

Normally a wedding shower is for a large group of people, but social distancing made that impossible. But Kristi wanted to make sure Robin had a wedding shower no matter what. So she organized a “Coronavirus Wedding Shower” on Zoom so everyone could log-in remotely. Family members sent gifts to Target, and Kristi picked them up and wrapped all of them so Carter and Robin could open them. She organized a game so everyone could answer questions about Carter and Robin. After the game, Carter and Robin opened the gifts everyone sent them. It was so great to see how much fun everyone was having. Even though it was not a typical wedding shower, thanks to all of Kristi’s hard work, it turned out fantastic. She did such an amazing job and put in a lot of time and effort to make it a special day. Now before you ask, I also contributed to the event. I took pictures with Kristi’s phone and designated myself as food tester. You’re right, I am really good help.

They were married yesterday at The Arbor which is a wonderful venue. With all the social distancing rules and recommendations, they had to make sure they followed all policies and regulations. My attitude is I will be there to support the people I care for over a government policy always. Regardless of the risk or consequences. Everything went great and I am so happy that Carter and Robin are starting their life together. You can tell by the way they look at each other they are a love story that was meant to be.

Because of the restrictions, the rest of the family and friends watched on video. I just want to say how honored and extremely grateful I am that I was allowed to be one of the limited guests. I want Carter and Robin to know just how special that made me feel. I wish them all the best, and I know they will make each other happy for eternity. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Happy birthday 2020

P.S. They plan to have the wedding sealing at the temple and the reception as soon as the Covid-19 situation is over.

P.P.S. I am sure I will be extremely busy at the wedding reception. You know, taking pictures and eating food.