A Special Tribute

A Special Tribute

Heaven received an incredibly special angel this week. Kristi’s mom Dixie Richardson left us on Tuesday morning to begin her next chapter with her loving and eternal companion Mel Richardson. I want to tell you about a few ways this amazing woman impacted my life.

I met Dixie and Mel in late 2013 when I started dating Kristi. I must admit I was a little star struck when I found out they were her parents. Mel and Dixie Richardson are pretty much political royalty in the state of Idaho. I would say they were Idaho’s version of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Both of them were well educated, strong and committed to helping their constituents. They were great examples of doing what’s right for the people, not for the political party and they were well loved and respected.

Christmas was always a special time for Dixie. Kristi has told me how her mom, dad, and the family would go around each year and take presents to families in need. Dixie’s compassion and generosity was unparalleled. She loved buying and wrapping presents for her entire family. Her big-heartedness reached out to anyone she felt needed help. It was truly inspirational to me. But the part of Christmas Dixie loved and honored the most was the true meaning of the season. I was blessed to be able to sit with her family in the living room and hear her talk about different events and times in her life that reinforced her testimony of our Heavenly Father and his plan of Salvation. She would tell us about different places she and Mel traveled together that filled them with abounding love and faith of Heavenly father and our Savior.

Another great quality I admire of Dixie Richardson was her strength. For the last few years of her life, Dixie suffered from terrible neck and back pain. But it didn’t matter if she was having a bad day with her health. If someone needed help, Dixie would always put their needs above hers. Dixie was so strong she could ignore her pain so she could help others. That was just a small example of the strength I am grateful to have witnessed from her. I remember Kristi telling me her Mom said she can’t leave yet because there are family members here that still need her. Even if it meant she could be rid of the physical pain she was in, she used her strength to help anyone in her family that needed it.

But to me one of her most inspiring attributes is her love of family. From the first time I met her, I could feel the love and kindness she has for all her children and their families. I have been blessed to observe so many acts of love and kindness Dixie has presented to them and they have returned to her. It is definitely encouraging to watch. This has been truly motivating to me.

All of Dixie’s amazing qualities and traits have been passed along to everyone in her family and it was truly evident at her funeral. The kind and compassionate words that were spoken were heartfelt and comforting. The tears of sorrow I witnessed from all the grandchildren and their families were warm and sincere. There is no doubt Dixie and Mel were watching through tear filled eyes and I am positive they were tears of joy and pride in their wonderful family. Dixie, I want to thank you for all the kindness and respect you gave me. I am blessed I was able to watch and learn from your wonderful examples of strength, love, and faith. We will all miss you! Thanks for reading.