Happy Birthday Shannon

Happy Birthday Shannon

   One time Shannon and I were talking about the perspective we have of age depends on our age. We both recalled our replies when someone asked us how old a person was. When we were in our twenties, our answer was “They’re pretty old. They have to be in their fifties.” Our answer when we were in our fifties was ‘They’re not that old, they’re probably about our age.”

   I look back through the years of the different birthday presents we gave Shannon. Some of them were really nice, and some maybe not so much. I still don’t understand why she didn’t appreciate the new rodeo team roping bag I got her one year. I’m just kidding, that was her Christmas present. The truth is I know she enjoyed all the presents we bought, but the gift she enjoyed the most was all of us getting together to celebrate. Even if it was only to have some birthday cake at the house, the time she had with her family was very precious to her.

   After she left for her next chapter, I felt so lost and alone. I remember trying to understand what the purpose of my life was without her. I knew I had to find the path I needed to take. “What am I supposed to do now?” I thought. At that point, I received a message that was clear and distinct. My job is to make sure our family bond stays strong. “That’s what I can do!” I thought. It was something that gave me new hope and direction. At first, I gave myself credit for coming up with that thought on my own. Because I’m in management, and that’s what we do. The reality is that was the guidance of my Angel Shannon reminding me to appreciate all the blessings I have. 

   So for Shannon’s birthday, our family knows the very best present we can give her. That is the love and the respect we all have and share with each other. I want to tell Justin, Ryan, Brittney, Cassidy, and sweet little Jayci how grateful I am for all the love and support they give me, and how proud Shannon and I are of them every day. So when all of us wish Shannon a Happy Birthday, we will do it not by just saying we have a strong family bond, but by showing it to her every day. We are positive this puts the biggest smile on her face. Thanks for reading.

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P.S. Do you know what they serve on your birthday in Heaven? Wings and Angel Food cake. I’m hilarious.