Another Generous Donation

Another Generous Donation

   Another headline from the “You can’t make this stuff up department.” This one is from CNN.

Sturgis motorcycle rally: A person with Covid-19 may have exposed others at a bar

   Now I have nothing against alerting people to the possibility of getting exposed at a public gathering. I’m just confused as to why I haven’t seen this warning for any of the many protest gatherings. From the headlines, or lack thereof I have seen, no one attending a protest rally has contracted the virus, let alone die from it. If that’s the case, if you let us back into the church, we won’t play basketball, we will call it protesting.

   Now for this week’s story. A few weeks ago, Rick from TCI told me about a cancer patient from Rexburg that wanted to give back and help other patients. He told the patient he would get in touch with me and give me his number. I contacted him and told him I how I had gotten his number. I told him about the Foundation and our mission. He explained he had been a patient at TCI and his cancer was in remission. “I had so many incredible people reach out and help me, so I wanted to give something back,” he said. He explained that he was going to have a couple of pigs butchered and he wanted to donate the meat to other cancer patients and their families. I offered to have the Foundation help pay for some of the expense, but he said they wanted to take care of all of the costs. He told me I should use that money to continue to help the patients in the ways I am already doing. “I’ll have my wife get in touch with you when it’s ready to pick up,” he said.

   His wife called last week and told me the meat was ready to pick up. “We’re pretty busy right now, so if I gave you the address of the butcher shop, would you mind picking it up from them?” she asked. I told her I would be happy to and thanked her again for their amazing generosity. I knew I wouldn’t have enough room in my freezer, so I had already contacted some families I knew could use the help. I also had arranged to take what I hadn’t delivered and wouldn’t fit in my freezer to TCI.

   Because of the kindness and generosity of this couple, we have been able to get over 400 lbs. of meat to a lot of families. Rick and Danielle told me how happy the patients were, and they loved being able to tell them it was from another cancer patient. I am grateful for the small role I was able to play in this and blessed to know we live in a great, compassionate community. Thanks for reading.

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P.S. I’m not far off by calling it protesting. Everyone protests when I foul them.