Happy Labor Day 2020

Happy Labor Day 2020

   First let me say, I am so disappointed the Eastern Idaho State Fair has been cancelled for this year. I am going to miss all the exhibits. I am going to miss going on the rides. I am going to miss seeing if my Mad Face still works. For anyone that doesn’t know about the Mad Face let me explain.

   I had a young boy come up to me in the mall one day and say, “Don’t have that mad face.” I told Shannon, and it quickly became a thing for her to tell me not to have that “Mad Face.” The first time I went to the Fair after Shannon left for her next chapter, I decided to walk through the midway of the carnival. I made it all the way down one side and started back when I realized something. Do you know how you can tell if you have a “Mad Face?” When you can walk the Midway of the Eastern Idaho State Fair and the carnival workers leave you alone.

   One of the things I like to do at the fair is people watching. I have always said the Eastern Idaho State Fair is the best self-esteem builder there is. No matter how out of shape I am, there are people at the fair in worse shape than me. I have been going to the gym to try and stay in shape and there are a lot of younger people working out. Now, there is a whole new story about working out with millennials. (Spoiler Alert: There will be a story coming out on that soon, so make sure you keep reading.) Needless to say, their body type is quite a bit different than what you see at the Fair, so I am really going to miss that.

   Now, if you were expecting me to give you my opinion about why it is wrong to cancel the fair, you are absolutely right. First, I will reiterate my point about the many protest that are still going on and we haven’t heard about anyone contracting the virus. But for my main point, I will  refer you back to the people watching. If the lifestyle choices and eating habits of some of these people hasn’t killed them by now, the Coronavirus is nothing!

   As far as this year goes, I will approach it the same way as I do everything. I will find another way to do something fun and make some special memories with my family and my friends. I know they will be happy to spend time with me. I am their self-esteem builder! Thanks for reading.

Next week: A new fundraiser

P.S. There are two words that will give anyone a Mad Face: Utah Drivers.