Run for the Cure 2020

Run for the Cure 2020

   I am so happy to be able to write this week’s story about this event. Last year’s run was so much fun and beneficial to the Foundation. I was positive with the Covid Apocalypse going on, this year’s event would be called off. But Cody contacted me a couple of weeks ago and said they were going to cancel the event for this year, but 50 people had already signed up without it even being advertised. So they decided to go ahead and have the race even though it didn’t give them much time to put everything together.

   There are so many people to thank for helping put this together. I want to thank all of you for your kindness, support, and generosity. I want to thank Teresa Browning and LoRita Kahn for all the great door prizes they contributed and for always going the extra mile to make these events so special. LoRita has also put together a fundraiser at Gandolfos on October 21st from 4-7. I  want to thank Michael Dalessi and Burke Webster for donating a two hour limo ride from Black Knight Limousine for a prize. The family that won the limo door prize came up and asked me about it. I gave them my card and asked if they had any special events coming up they would want to use it for. They said they didn’t have anything, so I suggested going around to see the Christmas lights. The look on their young daughter’s face was priceless.

   I want to give a special thanks to Matt Patterson and his entire family. Matt made some very nice Corn Hole boards with a Wonder Woman/Breast Cancer Awareness label and donated them. His daughter Kaymbrie made some very beautiful canvas paintings and his wife Shannon and Kaymbrie did a fantastic job promoting the run and getting people to sign up.

   A big thank you to Doug & Cheyenne Swanson, and Cody & Salem Thomas for pulling all of this together at the last minute. I know these things are hard to make happen even when you have months of planning. I am positive they worked very hard to get everything lined up and need to let them know how much I appreciate how they made it the success it was. 

   I would like to tell Kristi how much I appreciate her help setting everything up and making it look great. But most importantly of all, I need to tell her how much I appreciate all the support, encouragement, and love she gives me. She is always there to help and support me and is such a blessing in my life. Thank you Kristi, I Love You.

   One of the best things that happened was when we were getting everything set up. I looked over to see three ladies walking towards me. It was a cancer patient from Malad that we did the Adopt-A-Family for Christmas for last year and her Mom and daughter. “We just had to come up and support your event,” she said. The fact that someone would drive all the way from Malad to support me gave me such a feeling of warmth and love. It made tears come to my eyes.

   I am so grateful for all the opportunity this Foundation has given me to meet so many amazing people and there aren’t words that can accurately describe the feeling this gives me deep inside. Thank you everyone for all your support and for reading.

Next week: Pick Me Up fundraiser

P.S. Yes, of course I made sure the family knew they were getting the Worlds Best Limo Driver. Did you really have any doubt on that?