Toastmasters Speech

Toastmasters Speech

We are going to start this week’s story with a few jokes.

One battery post asked the other one, “Do you think I’m negative?” The other one replies, “I’m positive you’re negative.”

What is an optimistic vampire’s favorite blood type? “B positive” of course.

Can two negative people have a happy child? Of course. Everyone knows two negatives make a positive.

Okay, I think you’ve had enough jokes for now. If you haven’t guessed by now, the topic of my Toastmasters speech was “Focus on the positive.” I talked about my Dad being a prisoner of war in World War II for three and one half years. I explained his nourishment was one bowl of rice a day. I described how my Dad was over six feet tall and when he came out of the camp he weighed 98 pounds. I said that anytime I felt life wasn’t treating me fair, all I had to do was to think about three and one half years of prison camp to help me focus on the positive.

I talked about volunteering at the hospital after Shannon passed away and how that helped me realize everyone is going through something. It helped me focus on all the positive blessings I have in my life. I helped me appreciate all the wonderful family and friends that are always there to love me and support me.

This week Heaven gained another very special angel. On June 13th, this year I posted a story called “Weston Wayne’s Warriors.” It was about a young boy from Ashton with Leukemia. If you didn’t read the story or don’t remember it, I encourage you to go back and read it. On Wednesday, this tough little cowboy left us to be with his Heavenly Father and start his next chapter. I would like to tell his parents Todd & Ericka, and his sisters Shailyn and Adilyn how much I admire how they spent the time they had with Weston creating as many memories as possible. Weston turned four in September and even though he was only with us for a short while, his family put as much love into that time as they possibly could.

It breaks my heart to think of them having to say goodbye to him, but the attitude they displayed of strength and courage is something I will always admire and respect. I want the Robertson’s to know that their positive attitude and the bravery of Weston, (The toughest cowboy I have ever met) is something I will always use to help me focus on the positive.

I would also like to recognize the warmth and generosity of their community for all of the fun events they did for Weston. From riding horses, four wheelers, and even a helicopter ride to the Make-A-Wish Foundation building Weston’s chicken coop. It proves to me the majority of our country will always focus on the positive and be there to help each other no matter what. I appreciate all of you for helping me focus on the positive, and thanks for reading.

Next week: Fundraiser updates

P.S. There is an exception when being positive isn’t a good thing. Yup, you guessed it. Your Covid Apocalypse test.