Inspirational Cancer Patient

Inspirational Cancer Patient

Before we start, I want to share a nice feel-good interaction I had earlier this year when I went to the Dollar Store. This is how the conversation went when I walked in at 8:15am.

Cashier: “I’m sorry sir, the first hour is reserved for Senior Citizens.”

Me: “I’m going to be 65 next year.”

Cashier: “Oh my gosh, you don’t look that old at all!”

Me: “Thank you for saying that. You just made my day! Of course, I’m only that old physically not mentally.”

Gentleman customer: “I can relate to that!”

Last week, Rick from TCI told me a couple from Wyoming might be contacting me about getting some assistance with hotel rooms. I told him I would be happy to help. Later in the day, the wife contacted me and explained they needed hotel rooms in Salt Lake on three different days and hotel rooms in Idaho Falls for four separate nights as well. She told me she had already made reservations in Utah with a Hotel that gives a medical discount, and the cost was around $90 a night. I got the information on the hotel and told her I would see what I could do. I contacted the hotel to try and switch the bill to the Foundation credit card. It wasn’t going to be easy to do, so I told them I would just send the couple a check to cover the cost.

I called the lady back and told her the Foundation would send her a check to cover all three nights in Utah, and I had some hotel vouchers for the Hampton Inn to cover at least two of the nights in Idaho Falls. There was a long pause before the lady said, “That’s so very generous of you. We weren’t expecting you to cover all the cost of the hotel rooms in Utah, we just asked the man from TCI if there was any kind of assistance we could apply for.” I explained that was the purpose of the Foundation.  She said she would talk with her husband and call me back.

She called back about four hours later and said, “Your offer is so very generous, but we talked about it and don’t feel right having you spend that much money. We don’t have a lot of money, but we are doing okay. We know there are patients out there that could use that money more than us, so we would feel better if you used that money to help them.” I was overcome with several different feelings. At first, I was surprised and then I felt warmth, admiration, and respect for this amazing couple. I told her a lot of people and groups held fundraisers and donated the money specifically for reasons like this. “How about I pay for two rooms in Utah and one room in Idaho Falls?” I asked her. She said that was more than generous and thanked me.

There is no doubt we live in a country where there is greed and selfishness. Where some people only care about how much they can accumulate and not have to pay anything back. That is why it is so refreshing to know we have people like this couple that are dealing with cancer, but still care about their fellow man and how they can help. It keeps my faith in humanity strong and proves what I have always said. There are more selfless, caring, and compassionate people in our country and communities than there are greedy ones. I am grateful to this couple and for all of you. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Another inspirational cancer patient

P.S. I used to dread getting older, but if getting older gets me a discount or lets me shop earlier, I’m all for it.