New Service Opportunity

New Service Opportunity

This week’s story begins with my trip to Camping World to take Cassidy some lunch. As I was walking up to the door, I recognized a familiar face coming out to greet me. Her name is Hillary, and her daughter was on the 5th grade girls basketball team with Cassidy that Justin and I coached. She gave me a big hug and asked me how I was doing. I said everything was going well, and I was so happy to see her. I told her I was bringing Cassidy out some lunch. She told me Cassidy was such a good kid and she loved working with her. Words that make a grandpa immensely proud.

We both said how fun it was with the girls team and what an amazing group of young ladies the kids were. She asked me about the Foundation, and I told her how well it was doing and how grateful I am for our generous community. I asked her if she knew anyone we could help, and she told me about her friend that is dealing with cancer. She gave me her contact information and I told her I would reach out to her.

I contacted the patient and she told me how much she appreciated the offer, but they had really good insurance and suggested I use those funds to help another patient. I told her how much I respected her selflessness and compassion. I told her if she ever needed anything to please let me know. A couple of hours later she sent me a text stating that she could possibly use some help with cleaning her house. She explained that she is still going through treatment and it takes away a lot of her energy during the week. I thanked her for the opportunity to help and asked her which days and times would work best for her. She gave me the information and I told her I would be in touch.

I first thought I would check and see if I could get some people who would be willing to volunteer. I did not want to let this lady down so I decided if I couldn’t find anyone, I would go down and do it myself. I knew Kristi would be glad to come and help me as well. I reached out to my contacts at Teton Cancer Institute and explained what I needed. After about ten minutes I got a response from Nate Esplin letting me know his Mom lives in the same town as the patient and would be more than happy to help out. His Mom said she knows a lot of people from her church that could help as well.

I contacted the patient and told her about my conversation. I asked her if it was okay for me to give her information to the lady so she could get in contact and they could make arrangements. She said that would be fine and thanked me.

I contacted the patient on Thursday to see how everything went and she said they did an amazing job. She thanked me for setting it up, and I told her to let me know if there was anything else we could help with. This is another example of how great our community is. It fills me with so much gratitude and peace to be surrounded by so many great people. Thanks for reading.

Next week: WBLD is rewarded again

P.S. Did everyone realize my strategy? You know, offering to clean so someone else would step up so it could be done right. I know, I’m a genius.