Let’s Get This Party Started!

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Well, it’s official. There will be a Crusade Against Cancer fundraiser this year! The Crusade Against Cancer is a family fun 1 mile, 5K, or 10K race where you can come dressed up as your favorite Superhero. My Superhero identity is Star Lord. After all, I have driven several times in Salt Lake with Idaho plates on my car, so that makes me very heroic! I will let you guess why we were not able to have one last year. Here’s a hint: It rhymes with Bovid.

A month ago, I reached out to Snake River Landing to see if they were going to allow events this year. The lady told me they were so I asked if I could have my event on June 5th. They lady was quite nice and told me she already put my event on the calendar for June 12th. The reason I wanted it on June 5th is because all the previous ones were on the first Saturday in June. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it, and I assumed there was another event mine would conflict with. I told her the 12th would be great and thanked her.

My next step was to contact the Idaho State Police to see if they wanted to be partners in the event again. Before I say anymore I would like to give an enormous THANK YOU to all the brave men and women in law enforcement for keeping us safe and free. They said they would be glad to be partners with the Foundation and they were looking forward to it.

The next step was to reach out for volunteers. I contacted Cody and Salem Thomas who hosted the “Run for the Cure” event in October. They have always offered to help with any event I am doing. and have raised a lot of money for the Foundation. When I asked Cody about helping on June 12, he said they would love to but that was the same day they are holding their Scenic River Classic event. I knew that event has been held at Snake River Landing in the past, so I decided to see if I could change the date of my event. Even if Cody’s event was at a different location, I didn’t want to have the same type of event on the same day.

I contacted Snake River Landing and asked if they were having The Scenic River Classic on June 12th. The lady said it wasn’t at Snake River Landing, but it was probably going to be held at The Waterfront. For anyone who doesn’t know, The Waterfront is an event center located at Snake River Landing. I explained to her both events are targeting the same participants and asked if I could have my event moved to June 5th. She checked and said that date was open. I asked if there were any other events scheduled that day and she told me there wasn’t. I’m not sure what changed from the first time I asked for that date, but I am excited and grateful to be able to have it on that day. This way Cody and I can help each other with our perspective events.

I am asking everyone to put this date on your calendar and come down to support a great cause. There will be more details as the event gets closer. I would encourage you to attend the Scenic River Classic the next week as well. If you absolutely can only attend one of these events, you have no other choice than choose mine! Thanks for reading.

Next week: April Fools

P.S. Why do you have to choose mine you ask? Because Star Lord commands you to, that’s why!