High School Hero’s

High School Hero’s

Before we get to this week’s story, my heartfelt wishes go out to the Rigby community for the middle school shooting that occurred on Thursday. My highest admiration and respect for the teacher and the custodian that intervened and kept the situation from turning into something that could have been so much worse.  

I have said before that we have so many terrific young adults in our community and it has been a privilege and an honor to be able to meet and work with a lot of them. This week’s story is about two remarkable students. I will start with a young lady in the student council of one of the High Schools I had met with to promote the Crusade Against Cancer. After I had finished explaining the fundraiser, she told me that she was the younger sister of one of my favorite adopted granddaughters. I told her that automatically makes her an adopted granddaughter as well. Later she sent me a text asking how they would nominate a family for the fundraiser. She told me there was a teacher at her school whose wife had just been diagnosed with cancer and she wanted to help them. I told her they could nominate anyone they wanted. I explained in the meantime, I had some funds I could get to them right now. She arranged to get the funds and other items to deliver to the teacher for his wife. I told her I was so proud of her kindness and compassion.

A young man in one of the Middle Schools found out one of his teachers was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided he would cut his hair to raise money to help her. His goal was to raise $3,000. When I watched the news article about this young man, I took over a check from the Foundation to his school and a Shannon Wilker Foundation stocking cap. I mean after all he is going to need something after he cuts his hair. When I gave the secretary the check she informed me that the young man had already raised $6,800. I asked them if they could let the young man know how proud I am of what he has done and that I love to have him come to the Crusade Against Cancer so he could tell his story.

These are just two examples of some of the amazing young men and women I have been fortunate enough to know. I am so proud of them and grateful to know our community and country will be in the great hands of these future leaders.

There is an addition to the first story. The wife of the teacher sent a $20 payment back to the Foundation. This is a lady dealing with her own battles, and still wants to help someone else as much as she can. This lady and so many more like her are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for reading and Happy Mother’s Day.

Next week: The Battle is Coming

P.S. I think I will start saying I cut off my hair as a fundraiser. What do you think?