California Here I Come

California Here I Come

   This week’s story is about an adventure that started Friday morning after basketball. There was a couple from California that had car troubles and needed to get to back to California. They were traveling with a couple of dogs and were exploring their options. This sounds like a job for the World’s Best Limo Driver!

I picked them up at their hotel in Pocatello and then we went to get the rest of their items from their vehicle. The first thing I noticed about this couple was how great they were with the two dogs. I have always said you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their pets. We got everything loaded up and headed out. They were both very friendly and appreciative. We talked a little bit as we headed south.

I really enjoyed talking with them, and for some reason I felt a small bond with them from the start of the trip. I wasn’t quite sure why I felt this way until we crossed the Utah border. At that point, the husband said, “I hope we don’t’ have the usual traffic headaches we always run into when we go through Salt Lake.” “There’s the bond!” I said to myself. See, even people from California know about Utah drivers!

As we traveled further, I learned about their business. They have a global business that helps with medical assistance to families from all around the world. They help provide nurses, doctors, insurance, transportation, and so much more. I listened to the wife who is the owner and CEO of the company. I could hear the passion in her voice as she described helping people that have know where else to turn. It was obvious they are driven by compassion and service and not wealth. They stated the real reward is the appreciation you get when you help a family in need. The real reward is the gratitude you get to see in the tears and smiles of appreciation.

We talked abut our families and how proud we are of them. I love to hear the pride in another parents voice when they are talking about their children. I told them about Kristi and what an amazing person she is. I told them how grateful I am to have her in my life. We agreed the next time they are coming to Idaho we all need to get together.

I am sure you are all aware there are certain people in this world that make you a better person just by meeting them. This couple is definitely one of them. I have always said you meet the people in your life when you are supposes to meet them and I was positively supposed to meet this wonderful couple. I want to thank them for the inspiration they give me and I want to thank all of you for the encouragement and support you give me as well. Thanks for reading.

Next week: The High School Challenge

P.S. The husband and I both agree the women in our life are so much better than us. We also agree we are perfectly fine with that.