The Greatest Reward

The Greatest Reward

For this week’s story, I want to post an email I received from a very amazing and inspiring lady. She was one of the recipients of funds raised at the Crusade Against Cancer. She was chosen by the remarkable students at Hillcrest High School.

“I tried to write this message on the site, but it would not send.  I hope this message is being received by someone involved with the foundation.

My name is Terry Belnap, and I was a recipient of money and support by this foundation.  I want to say thank you.


Please know the incredible impact you’ve had on my life and my outlook on life.  The money gift is DEFINITELY appreciated and needed, and the uplifting energy that you provided is still carrying me weeks later.  I love that the young adults were such a driving force in this event.

I’m sorry that many suffered in order for this foundation to exist, but know it serves an invaluable purpose.”

Terry Belnap


To let you know how inspiring this lady is, the students told me about Terry a few weeks before the event. I gave them a check and a couple of gas cards to give to her. A few days later, she sent a donation back to the Foundation. This is a lady dealing with many medical issues, and still wants to help someone else as much as she can. What a great example of generosity and selflessness.


Terry’s letter, and so many more like them are an example of the greatest rewards I receive from the Foundation. These are the kind of blessings I will always remember. These are the gifts that money could never purchase.


I want everyone to know, that I would never be able to receive these rewards without the encouragement, assistance, and support of so many people. I want to let all of you know how much I appreciate you and your support. Thanks for reading.  



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