The First Chukars Game

The First Chukars Game

I was so happy when I found out the Idaho Falls Chukars were going to be able to go back to having games at Melaleuca Field this year. It is another sign that we are moving past the Covid Apocalypse. Oops! I hope I didn’t just jinx everything!

Cody called me around the middle of May and told me I could choose 4 different games to have to set up a booth. I looked at the schedule and tried to spread them games out through the season. I decided to have one game in June, one in July, and two in August. The first game I chose was June 19th, for no other reason than it was close to the middle of the month.

The games start at 7:15, so naturally I have always been down there on Max Wilker time which is around 5:30. And by around 5:30 I mean no later than 5:30. I have always been one of the first vendors there and I have been able to park up front so it’s not far to pack my supplies to the table they have set up for me. However, on this particular night when I got there, there were already people lined up for tickets, and most of the other vendors were already there and set up. I checked to see if the game was scheduled for an earlier start, but it was still scheduled for 7:15. I soon realized the night I had chosen was Pride Night, and it was the first time it had been a theme for the Chukars.

I found someone from the office, and they helped me find a spot where I could have my booth. I was getting everything set up when my absolute favorite adopted granddaughter Savannah came over to say hello. She said she decided to work there again for the summer. We talked a little about how much fun we had the summer her and Cassidy worked there. She is an amazing young woman, and I was so happy to see her.

Now I’m just an old cowboy from a small town, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Pride night. I will say this. There were things I never thought I would see and things that I will never be able to unsee. But there were also a lot of people that came to my booth and asked about the Foundation. There were a lot of people there to support members of our community. There was an overwhelming feeling of support and encouragement. To me it confirms what I have said before. The majority of our community doesn’t care what your opinions or values are, they will be there to help and support each other.

Not that it’s the only thing that matters, but that night the Foundation raised more money than any other night at a Chukars games. I told Cody I would like to have my booth there on Pride Night every year if I can. Not just for the fundraising, but for the great examples of support and encouragement in our community.

Next week: Happy Independence Day

P.S. Picture a 280-pound man about 6’8” tall wearing a bright red dress, a black and white Cruella wig, and thick green eye shadow. Like I said, things you can’t unsee.