Chukars Game #2

Chukars Game #2

I would like to thank Kevin Greene and the Chukars staff for allowing me the opportunity to have a booth at four of their home games. I told you before what a successful night I had at the first game which was Pride Night. This week’s story is about a very rewarding experience at the game last Saturday night.

At the Chukars games, there is always a business handing out free promotional items to the first customers. At this point, I must share with you how much my attitude toward getting free handouts has changed over the years. I willingly admit that anytime a business was handing out free promotional items, I would always make sure to get one. My saying has consistently been, “If it’s free, it’s for me!” This night, the Lookout Credit Union was handing out free pens and Hawaiian leis. I was thinking about getting more free stuff when it occurred to me how much stuff I had gotten before at the Chukars games that are just sitting on a shelf. “This would be just more stuff I am going to have to throw away,” I thought. So, I decided to let someone else get the free promotional items instead. I know, I am proud of me as well.

The night started off a little slow. I had a few people buy some raffle tickets and two people bought some bracelets. A couple walked up to the table, and they were looking at the SWF sign. They asked me how I choose the cancer patients to help. I explained I work with the Teton Cancer Institute. The wife then asked me, “What about people who have to go to Huntsman for treatment?” I handed her one of my cards and said, “If you want to text me your name and address, I will send you some gas cards.” She had a few tears in her eyes when she said they would go find their seats and then she would text me.

As I was sitting at the table selling a few more raffle tickets, it occurred to me what I needed to do when I received her text. As soon as I got the text, I called her and asked her if she could come back down to the booth. She said she would and in about 5 minutes she came up to the table. “I still want to send you some gas cards, but I want to do this for you for now.” I reached in the bank bag and got $100 out of the funds from the previous Chukars game and handed it to her. She was speechless as the tears were welling up in her eyes. She came around the table to give me a hug as the tears started welling up in my eyes. “You don’t know how much this means to me that you would help us out this way,” she said as we both were overcome with emotion. “I am just grateful to be able to get the money donated from our generous community to couples like you that need it,” I replied.

I sincerely want to thank everybody that has donated to the Foundation for allowing me to encounter special moments like this. Words cannot accurately describe the feeling of warmth and love experiences like this give me. I am truly grateful and blessed. Thanks for reading.

Next week: On the Road Again

P.S. What was I thinking? I just realized what I can use the free promotional items for. Redneck Christmas presents!