The Salt Lake Express Surprise Part Two (Tell him I’m comin’)

The Salt Lake Express Surprise Part Two

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, I had just found out my vehicle had been towed from the SLE parking lot. I could have contacted someone to come get me., but it was late, and I didn’t want to bother anyone. Besides, I decided SLE could pay for the UBER along with whatever it cost to get my vehicle out of the impound lot.

On Monday, I decided to contact the towing company first so I could let SLE know how much it would cost to get my vehicle. They told me it would be $427. That was about $277 more than I expected it to be. They told me they charge $35 a day as long as it is in their compound.

I then contacted SLE to discuss the matter and was told they would have a supervisor contact me. I explained they needed to contact me before 3:00pm so there would not be another $35 charge. You won’t believe this, but they did not call me back before 3:00. I called and asked to talk with Heather because I have worked with her before, and she was always very helpful and professional. “Why do you need to talk to her?” the guy asked me quite rudely. I told him it was about a situation that happened last week with my vehicle getting towed. “She’s not here right now,” was his abrupt reply. “Is there another supervisor I can talk to?” I asked. I was put on hold for over 6 minutes when he came back on the phone and told me, “Basically you park there at your own risk, so there isn’t anything we can do for you.” Fighting back every instinct I had to scream back in anger, I simply said, “I’ll call back tomorrow.” I went to the towing company and got my vehicle. There was a paper around the windshield wiper warning me the SLE parking lot was going to be closed on August 4th.

The next day, I was told to email the receipts to Heather which I did. Her reply was basically they were not going to reimburse me because they had done everything they could to let their customers know the parking area would be closed. I called and asked if I could talk to her. I was put on hold for another 4 minutes and then was informed she would only communicate to me through email. She is their customer service representative, and refused to talk to a customer on the phone? Attention any person in customer service: If a customer is upset about a situation, refusing to talk to them on the phone is not a wise choice to make. If you don’t have the courage or skills to do this, you should seriously find a new vocation. They did not do everything to warn me, but I wanted to get this resolved so I emailed Heather asked if the amount could put as a credit on my account. She emailed me back and said the best they could do was $50. I replied if they can’t apply the full amount, not to put anything in my account.

I am not a person that will just accept this kind of treatment so here is where the situation is at this point. Kristi’s brother Todd is an attorney, so I have sent all the information to him. Do you remember the famous line from the OJ Simpson trial, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit?” I was thinking something like: “You towed my car, and that was your flaw. Now you can meet, My Brother “In Law” Get it? Because he’s an attorney. I can hear your groans and I don’t care. I think I’m hilarious! Thanks for reading.

Next week: The SLE Surprise Part Three

P.S. How about: “If your staff is rude, you’re gonna get sued!” Stop groaning!