The Salt Lake Express Surprise Part Three (Hell’s comin’ with me!)

The Salt Lake Express Surprise Part Three (Hell’s comin’ with me!)

I decided I would make the SLE stories like the sequels in a movie series. So actually, Part Two should have been, The Salt Lake Express Part Two, (You tell him I’m comin!) For the younger readers or those who should have watched this movie and didn’t, (and shame on you for not!) this is from the movie Tombstone when Wyatt Earp sends the message, “You tell him I’m comin’… and Hell’s comin’ with me,” to Curly Bill.

I will now share with you the reply I received from SLE when they refused to reimburse me.

Thank you for reaching out to us. We regret to inform you that we are unable to reimburse you for the towing of your vehicle from our parking lot at Shaka’s in Idaho Falls.

On July 29, 2021, we posted the attached sign to all of the entrances of that parking lot, as well as inside Shaka’s and in our waiting room for passengers. It clearly states the dates that we would not have parking available in that lot, and that any vehicles there would be towed at the expense of the vehicle’s owner.

There was no parking permit in your vehicle for that lot. Vehicles left in our parking area are required to have a parking permit, which would require the owner of the vehicle to enter our office and obtain the permit. There was a representative in the office at the time of your trip, and that representative would have explained to you that we would not have had parking available for those dates.

We regret that this has occurred. We did everything we could to make our passengers aware of the construction, so that they would not have their vehicles towed. Again, we’re sorry that this happened; however, we will not be reimbursing you for the towing or the Uber ride.

There was no sign posted to the entry of the parking lot. The fact it was on my windshield wiper is clear it was posted after I had parked there. I was never told I needed a parking permit. I have parked there several times without a permit, and when I returned there was never a warning telling me I needed a permit. Even if there was a sign posted, arriving at the lot within ten minutes of the shuttle leaving does not allow enough time to find a spot where it would not be towed by another company. To say you did everything is not true. Why wasn’t there a warning in the confirmation email when I booked the trip? Why wasn’t there a big notice on the home page of your website stating the lot would be closed? Why wasn’t there a follow up email/ and or phone call to anyone who booked a ticket with that pickup location letting them know it would be closed?

We are currently drafting a letter asking SLE to reconsider their decision to not place that amount as a credit in my account. I am simply asking for some seats on a shuttle that would be empty anyway. That seems fair and a good gesture of customer service to me. But what do I know about customer service. I still think it’s a good idea to talk to a customer on the phone.

If they still refuse to work with me, that is where (“Hell’s comin’ with me”) comes in. There will be more detail to it, but it will involve an email and social media campaign to boycott Salt Lake Express. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but I will be asking for everyone’s help with this if it’s needed. Thanks for reading.

Next week: The Last Chukars Game

P.S. There is a small part of me that wants to say, “Go ahead, make my day.”