The Last Chukars Game

The Last Chukars Game

I decided to give you a break from the Salt Lake Express saga this week and tell you about the last Chukars game I was able to have my booth at this year. I need to thank Kevin Greene, and the entire Chukars staff again for all their support. I want to thank Rocky Mountain Power for sponsoring my booth.

I will start by letting everyone know that Kristi’s daughter-in-law Robin has been helping with the Foundation for the last few months as part of an internship with BYU-Idaho. Robin is a very smart, and creative young lady and I am so grateful to have her help. Robin is married to Kristi’s son Carter and they both came down to help me. Kristi wanted to be there, but she was out of town helping her brother Todd.

I thought about doing the Shannon Wilker Foundation taffy toss that I had done so many times before. I always had the adopted granddaughters wearing their SWF t-shirts to help, so it just didn’t seem the same without them. The main reason for doing the taffy toss was so they would announce the SWF name to the crowd. Instead, I decided to have people sign up for a free prize and then we would have them announce the winners to the crowd. I figured the money I saved on taffy could buy a gas card for a cancer patient.

One of my good friends stopped by with his family. It has to have been at least eight years since I had seen his kids. “I can’t believe how grown up your kids are!” I said to him. We talked for a little bit and then Carter asked me a question about the raffle tickets. I heard one of his daughters say, Isn’t that the guy with the mini golf course and all the John Deere stuff in his backyard?” I am quite proud of that! Another one of my friends and a lifelong customer from John Deere stopped by. He was commenting how no one knows how to look up parts for the older equipment anymore. “I stopped in and asked them for an oil filter for a 720 and they didn’t even know how to look it up,” he said. I couldn’t help myself. “The part number is AH1082R” I told him.

Things had started to slow down around the second inning, so we started getting things packed up and put away. We then waited for the winners of the free prize drawing to come and get their prizes. We gave away 4 SWF t-shirts for the runner up prizes and the main prize was a John Deere bird feeder. You can never have too much John Deere stuff!

It was a great way to end the season of having a booth at the Chukars games. I really enjoyed being able to spend it with Carter and Robin. The only way the evening would have been better is if Kristi would have been able to be there with us. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Tales from the road

P.S. The part number for the bird feeder is PM74462 in case you were wondering.