Good to be Home

Good to be Home

Before I start with how happy I am to be home, let me give you an update on the Salt Lake Express situation. In the spirit of trying to work out a solution in an amicable manner, I sent a letter to Jacob Price who is the owner of Salt Lake Express. I asked that he contact me so I could explain my side of the situation and to see if we could reach an agreement that would be acceptable to both sides. He replied saying that he has removed himself from the day-to-day operations, but he said that although he is unaware of the situation, he agrees with the decision that was made. In other words, your business and loyalty aren’t worth my time to find out what happened.

I am waiting for a response from Kristi’s brother Todd, (You remember, my Brother “In Law”) for the next step. I am telling you this because I might be calling on all of you next week to help me with my email and social media campaign to boycott Salt Lake Express. (Hell’s Comin’ With Me!)

Now, let me tell you how it’s “Good to be Home.” I was aware my new job would include some travel to go around and meet with the dealers. On my last trip where the car broke down in the desert in Utah, I traveled over 2,870 miles in 9 days. It was nice to be able to work from home for the last week. It was nice to be able to go to basketball in the mornings. It was nice to go to the coffee shop during the week. But the best part of being home was the fun I had last Saturday.

Kristi had arranged for us to meet Brittney and Jayci and Red Barn in the morning. It is a family fun place where you can ride a train around the place, pick your own pumpkins, go through a straw bale maze, and go down a slide just to name a few things. They also have a pumpkin cannon that you can shoot at targets. We spent the morning doing so many fun things. It was so fun to watch the excitement in sweet little Jayci’s face. Brittney is such a good Mom, and I am so proud of her and all she does.

That night we had tickets to go see the band Foreigner at the Shoshone Bannock Casino in Fort Hall. It was an outdoor concert and when we started heading toward the area where the stage was set up, a lady told us the event had been cancelled due to a threat of rain. What do you do when the concert you were going to in Fort Hall is cancelled? You drive another 15 miles to Buddy’s restaurant in Pocatello. It was good to be home and spend some time with my beautiful fiancé.

Even though I am enjoying my new job, and I am looking forward to traveling and meeting new dealers, there is nothing like coming home to the ones you love, and spending quality time with them. The time I am away, makes me truly enjoy days like Saturday with Brittney and Jayci. It makes me appreciate Kristi and everything she does for me. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Get Ready to Boycott!

P.S. Another reason it’s good to be home, is that it doesn’t give Kristi a chance to enjoy life too much when I’m gone.