It’s Been a Busy Two Weeks!

It’s Been a Busy Two Weeks!

I have so many people to thank for the fundraisers they are doing this month for the Foundation. I will provide a complete list at the end of the month, but for this week I need to mention a few and the immediate impact they have had in our community.

I will start with Sheandi Richins and the Zumba fundraiser she had on October 9th. She had a smaller turnout this year than she did last year, but everyone still had a great time. They even convinced me to join in although I’m not sure you can call what I was doing Zumba. Let’s just say my legs and arms moved somewhat, and I didn’t step on anyone’s toes! The next day, Sheandi told me they raised $500 for the Foundation. I told her that was great and asked her if she knew anyone we could help with the funds. She said she didn’t know of anyone right away, but she would check.

On Wednesday, I was invited to the Watersprings School to talk with them about the fundraiser they are doing and to say a few words to the school about the Foundation. It was an extreme honor for me, and I was very grateful to meet some amazing young adults. There is no doubt they will be great leaders of our community and country.  The students are selling pink ribbons that people can write the name of someone they know fighting cancer and plan to line the wall of the school with them. I told them to find a family in the Watersprings community and we would donate all the money they raise as well as some extra funds from the Foundation to give to that family.

LoRita Kahn held her annual Gandolfo’s fundraiser Friday night. She always does a great job, and she helps so many people in our community. I plan on giving her some blank checks so she can get them to the families that need it the most. She has been such an amazing advocate for the Foundation, and I am so grateful for all she does.

Friday night Hillcrest was playing Thunder Ridge. I had arranged at halftime I would present the Hillcrest Student Council with the Crusade Against Cancer banner they won back in June. I wanted to thank them and also get the message out for both schools to start putting their teams together for next year. I also had another presentation I wanted them to do. You see, there is a young man that goes to Thunder Ridge that is fighting cancer. The students at Thunder Ridge had a fundraiser for him abut three weeks ago. I decided I would use the $500 that Sheandi raised and have the Hillcrest Student Council give it to him as part of the halftime presentation. It was one of the most rewarding and emotional experiences I have ever had.

There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to everyone who wants to help their community and have donated their time and resources to the Foundation. I have said before you are the reason so many prayers have been answered and that I am proud to play my role in this process. Thank you again for these experiences that I am allowed to have and thanks for reading.

Next week: More Zumba!

P.S. I might actually try some real Zumba moves at this one. You have been warned!