Fundraiser Recognition List

Fundraiser Recognition List

As promised I want to give recognition and a big thank you to everyone that raised funds to help so many cancer patients and their families this month.

Sheandi Richins – Ashley Curry – LoRita Kahn/Gandolfo’s – Patty Elzinga (My amazing sister!)

Texas Roadhouse – Terri Garcia & NRF – Watersprings School – Pick Me Up Drinks

I also want to thank the business’s that donated raffle prizes.

Firehouse Grill – Johnny Carino’s – Black Bear Diner – Kneaders – Abracadabra’s – Perkins – Texas Roadhouse

If I have left someone out, I apologize and please let me know so I can give to the well-deserved recognition you have earned!

When I first started the Foundation, my main goal was to make sure the money went directly to help local cancer patients and their families. Some of the major cancer organizations state that they are raising funds for cancer patients, but the majority of the funds they raise goes directly to administration fees and executive compensations. This has caused many people to be very skeptical about donating to cancer organizations.

There is one specific national event that proudly claimed they were raising funds for cancer patients, when in fact over 75% of the funds went directly to the administration board and none of the money they raised in our community stayed here. I know because the day after they held the event in Idaho Falls, the president of the Auxiliary Board of EIRMC asked for some funds to help a cancer patient travel to Utah and was told all of the funds had already been allocated. I am grateful to them because two local executives on their local board quit and came to help my Foundation.

I recall having a booth at a Chukars game and a lady came up to me and asked me “How do I know this money will go to local cancer patients?” My reply to her then is the same as it is today. “You can contact the Teton Cancer Institute, and I am always willing to show you the Foundation bank statement.” Also, the first thing I ask anyone who raises money for the Foundation, “Do you know a family we can help with these funds?”

I want to make sure everyone is aware I will never take credit for the money we give out. The credit for that goes to all the generous businesses, groups, and individuals that raise the funds and donate it. The rewards I receive from this is getting to know the amazing people that I listed at the start of this story and so many more. I have also been inspired by the strength and courage of so many cancer patients and the love and compassion of their families and friends. It always gives me the proper perspective on my life and my purpose in this chapter of it. These weekly stories help me stay focused on my appreciation for all the positive things I have in my life. Thank you for reading and for all your support.

Next week: National Dealer Conventions

P.S. One of the most positive things I have in my life: Not having to drive in Utah every day.