Salt Lake Express – The Finale

Salt Lake Express – The Finale

Well boys and girls, I will get you up to date on the Salt lake Express ordeal. I promise you after today, I will not address this issue again.

Before I start, let me lay the background to anyone who is not familiar with this situation. I parked my vehicle in the lower parking lot of Salt Lake Express on August 2nd and when I came back they had it towed so they could pave the parking lot. It cost me $450 to get my vehicle out of the towing company compound. When I tried to resolve the situation, I was told they had signs posted to the parking lot letting customers know it would be closed on Wednesday August 4th. My argument to them has been there were no signs when I arrived at 2:30am to catch a shuttle that was leaving at 2:40am. Even if there were any signs, I had no time to find another place to park that wouldn’t have towed my vehicle as well. I explained they needed to have a warning in the email when I booked my ticket so I could have made other arrangements for my vehicle.

I have been trying to work out a reasonable solution with them. When they told me they wouldn’t be able to refund the $450, I asked them to put it as a credit on my account. The best they were willing to do was a $50. After several more emails, they agreed to add another $50. This is less than 25% of the amount I had to pay.

After several weeks of trying to find legal ways to deal with this, and several more trying to negotiate a compatible solution with them I finally decided to officially start my boycott of Salt Lake Express. I sent the owner a letter telling him the new direction they have forced me to take. I posted a one-star Google review on their website explaining my ordeal and total disappointment with their company. I have reached out to several people asking them to leave a one-star review for Salt Lake Express. One of the groups I asked for help from was the guys from basketball. I want to thank the two ball players that posted a review to help my cause.

Friday at basketball, one of the guys told me what I was doing was Cancel Culture. I must admit that really upset me, because I don’t feel that is what I am doing at all. Just to be safe, I sent a text to everyone apologizing for asking them to do something they did not want to do. Several text replies later it seems there was only one person who felt what I was doing was Cancel Culture, so there’s that little victory for me!  

I have let this bother me for over four months now. I wanted Salt Lake Express to acknowledge that I had a point, but they would not. The additional avenues I pursued to resolve this did not produce the outcome I was looking for either. I wanted to get a large group of people to post a one-star review and help me boycott SLE but that doesn’t look like it will happen with any kind of number that will get their attention. The harsh reality is I have evidently overestimated the power of my friendship especially with the guys at basketball! But there is a lesson that I learned from this.

I wanted Salt Lake Express to know they messed with the wrong person. I wanted them to know I have a lot of people who will back me up. I wanted them to know that their decision would result in a huge loss of revenue. In other words, the outcome I was looking for was strictly for personal reasons, and I had let it consume my thoughts and actions. I recognize I have taken this as far as it can go. Now I am ready to focus on the important things in my life. I am ready to focus on my new job and all the ways I can help the Agriculture dealerships. I am ready to focus on the Foundation and how many families we can help with Christmas. But most importantly, I am ready to focus all my attention on my beautiful fiancé Kristi, our wedding, and the amazing life we are going to have together. To quote a line from the television series Night Court, “I’m feeling much better now!” Thanks for reading.

Next week: One Week To Go!

P.S. If anyone did feel like posting anything, I would not stop them. You could call it my Christmas present.